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Line number0828
Type223 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S440BC8
21/09/1998N677ANroll out.
12/10/1998N677ANfirst flight.
02/11/1998N677ANdel American Airlines; '5EJ'; ferried Boeing Field-Casper (WY)-Fort Worth/Alliance.
03/11/1998N677ANrgd to American Airlines Inc.
05/11/1998N677ANfirst service: Orlando-San Juan.
25/01/2009N677ANat Vancouver with blended winglets (installed after 21/01/2008).
11/04/2013N677ANlast service: : Las Vegas-Dallas/Fort Worth as AAL1482.
13/04/2013N677ANferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Roswell as AAL9663 (TT: 45341 hours; 15582 cycles); for storage.
02/11/2013N677ANferried Roswell-Tulsa as AAL9663; for maintenance.
15/12/2013N677ANin service: Dallas/Fort Worth-Miami as AAL____.
21/08/2017N677ANlast service: Orlando-Miami as AAL1354.
22/08/2017N677ANferried Miami-Roswell as AAL9659 (TT: 54156 hours; 18946 cycles); for storage.
04/12/2017N677ANferried Roswell-Jacksonville/VQQ under registration; for conversion to freighter.
18/12/2017N677ANrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
17/08/2018N677ANperformed a local test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ as SXA512; after conversion to freighter.
20/08/2018N677ANregistration cancelled.
21/08/2018G-DHKSrgd to DHL Air, Diegem, Belgium.
23/08/2018G-DHKSperformed a local test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ at DHK20Z.
26/08/2018G-DHKSferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands/EMA as DHK20P; on delivery to DHL Air.
28/02/2022G-DHKSregistration cancelled.
28/02/2022OE-LNLrgd to DHL Air Austria.
Marcel van Noordenne

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