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Line number0958
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4242C8
21/02/2001N754NAroll out.
08/03/2001N754NAfirst flight.
03/04/2001N754NAdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
03/04/2001N754NAlt North American Airlines.
04/04/2001N754NArgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
13/10/2010N754NAbt Wilmington Trust Company; opb North American Airlines on lease.
14/10/2010N754NArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
05/02/2012N754NAat Tampa; withdrawn from use.
08/03/2012N754NAlease rejected.
12/05/2012N754NAat Miami in full I-Fly c/s with registration EI-EWT.
27/05/2012N754NAat Miami in full I-Fly c/s with registration EI-EWT.
07/06/2012N754NAregistration cancelled.
08/06/2012EI-EWTrgd to ILFC Aircraft 75B-29381 Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
16/06/2012EI-EWTlt I-Fly; ferried Miami-Keflavik-Moscow/Vnukovo (arrived 17/06/2012).
18/11/2016EI-EWTferried Novosibirsk-Shannon as RSY9751; for lease return.
17/02/2017EI-EWTferried Shannon-Moscow/Vnukovo as RSY____.
15/03/2017EI-EWTarr Shannon?
18/03/2017EI-EWTferried Shannon-Moscow/Vnukovo as RSY9712.
25/10/2017EI-EWTferried Moscow/VKO-Shannon as RSY9751; for maintenance?
21/12/2017EI-EWTregistration cancelled.
23/12/2017VP-BRLregistration applied on aircraft at Shannon; still in full I-Fly Airlines c/s.
29/12/2017VP-BRLferried Shannon-Istanbul/SAW as ABG9901 (arrived 30/12/2017).
30/12/2017VP-BRLferried Istanbul/SAW-Moscow/DME as ABG9902.
29/03/2018VP-BRLat Moscow/SMO in full Royal flight c/s (repainted after 09/01/2018).
07/03/2022VP-BRLlast service: Novosibirsk/OVB-Antalya/AYT as ABG8065.
18/05/2022VP-BRLferried Antalya/AYT-Prague/PRG under registration; for lease return.
16/10/2022VP-BRLat Prague/PRG in full Royal Flight c/s; missing both engines
Marcel van Noordenne

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