Line number0919
Type2G5 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S-
21/02/2000HB-IHRroll out.
14/03/2000HB-IHRfirst flight.
19/04/2000HB-IHRdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
19/04/2000HB-IHRlt Balair CTA Leisure.
20/04/2000HB-IHRarr Dusseldorf on ferry flight from U.S.A.; for interior outfitting.
26/04/2000HB-IHRferried Dusseldorf-Zurich with green "Balair" titles on right side, yellow "Balair" titles on left side and extra 'Hotelplan, ESSC and M Travel' stickers.
23/09/2000HB-IHRat Palma; named "Solemar".
00/10/2001HB-IHRBalair CTA ceased operations?
31/10/2001HB-IHRrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
03/11/2001HB-IHRlt Belair; '701'; green "Belair" titles on right side and yellow "Belair" titles on left side.
00/10/2003HB-IHRextra 'Hotelplan, ESSC and M Travel' stickers removed.
00/09/2004HB-IHRat Faro with extra green "belair-airlines.com" titles on right aft fuselage and yellow "belair-airlines.com" titles on left aft fuselage (applied after 31/08/2004).
16/07/2006HB-IHRat Zurich with large green "flybelair.com" titles on right aft fuselage and large yellow "flybelair.com" titles on left aft fuselage (applied after 15/05/2006).
17/04/2007HB-IHRat Zurich in 2007 Belair c/s (repainted after 01/04/2007); white fuselage c/s, green "Belair" titles and "flybelair.com" titles on aft fuselage.
22/10/2007HB-IHRferried Zurich-Oberpfaffenhofen; for repaint.
00/11/2007HB-IHRAir Berlin acquired 49% of Belair.
02/11/2007HB-IHRferried Oberpfaffenhofen-Munich in full Air Berlin c/s with several 'operated by Belair' stickers.
17/11/2007HB-IHRferried Munich-Zurich.
00/00/2008D-ABPAregistration reserved - not taken up.
16/11/2009HB-IHRret lessor; ferried Zurich-Munich.
07/04/2010HB-IHRferried Munich-Eindhoven; for repaint.
24/04/2010HB-IHRferried Eindhoven-Munich in all white c/s
19/05/2010G-OOBNrgd to Thomson Airways Ltd.
21/05/2010G-OOBNferried Munich-Manchester in all white c/s.
06/09/2010G-OOBNferried Manchester-Norwich; for repaint.
14/09/2010G-OOBNferried Norwich-Abu Dhabi in full Thomson Airways c/s; for maintenance and installation of blended winglets.
16/10/2011G-OOBNferried Abu Dhabi-Manchester with blended winglets.
01/03/2013G-OOBNat Manchester in 2012 Thomson Airways c/s (repainted after 21/02/2013).
07/03/2017G-OOBNat Glasgow with "TUI" titles and "tui.com" titles on engine cowlings (applied after 18/02/2017).
02/10/2017G-OOBNcompany renamed TUI Airways.
22/03/2020G-OOBNlast service: Tenerife/TFS-Manchester as TOM919; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
25/07/2020G-OOBNret to service: Manchester/MAN-Palma/PMI as TOM2622.
10/11/2020G-OOBNlast service: Tenerife/TFS-Birmingham/BHX as TOM7285; parked.
07/06/2021G-OOBNret to service: Birmingham/BHX-Funchal/FNC as TOM7110.
30/09/2021G-OOBNlast service: Kefalonia/EFL-Birmingham/BHX-London/LGW as TOM4405.
01/10/2021G-OOBNferried London/LGW-St. Athan/DGX as TOM922P; for parking.
26/10/2021G-OOBNferried St. Athan/DGX-Bangor/BGR-Goodyear/GYR as TOM922P (arrived 27/10/2021).
28/10/2021G-OOBNregistration cancelled.
13/12/2021N379BRrgd to Bank of Utah (for BlackRock).
08/02/2022N379BRferried Goodyear/GYR-Honolulu/HNL-Guam/GUM-Xiamen/XMN as ELX379 (arrived 11/02/2022); for conversion to freighter.
06/08/2022N379BRferried Xiamen/XMN-Guam/GUM-Honolulu/HNL-Hamilton/YHM as ELX379 (arrived 08/08/2022); after conversion to freighter.
09/08/2022N379BRregistration cancelled.
00/08/2022C-GCJSrgd to Cargojet Airways.

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