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Line number0857
Type2Q8 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S151D6F
22/02/1999OH-LBUroll out.
29/03/1999OH-LBUfirst flight.
10/04/1999OH-LBUdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
10/04/1999OH-LBUlt Finnair.
09/09/2007OH-LBUat Budapest in 2002 Finnair c/s with blended winglets (repainted/installed after 20/07/2007).
22/03/2010OH-LBUarr Hong Kong; for maintenance prior to lease return.
18/04/2010OH-LBUat Hong Kong in Finnair c/s without titles.
00/00/2010OH-LBUret lessor.
11/06/2010VQ-BEZlt UTair; ferried Helsinki-Antalya as UTA9049 in Finnair c/s without titles.
00/06/2010VQ-BEZat St. Petersburg in full UTair c/s.
00/12/2014VQ-BEZtfd to Katekavia.
17/12/2014VQ-BEZin service: Moscow/Vnukovo-Sharm el-Sheikh.
01/02/2015VQ-BEZat Moscow/Vnukovo in full Azur Air c/s (repainted after 03/01/2015).
24/10/2017D-AZUGregistration reserved by Azur Air Germany 0- not taken up.
00/04/2022RA-73071Azur Air; re-rgd.


Marcel van Noordenne

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