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Line number0940
Type256 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAB2848
15/08/2000EC-HIUroll out.
01/09/2000EC-HIUfirst flight.
13/09/2000EC-HIUdel Iberia; named "Colombia".
10/11/2006EC-HIUat Madrid in all white c/s, no titles and no tail logo (repainted after 00/08/2006).
00/11/2006EC-HIUbt Babcock & Brown (from Iberia).
17/11/2006EC-HIUferried Madrid-Abu Dhabi.
00/11/2006A6-RKAlt RAK Airways.
25/11/2006A6-RKAr/o at Abu Dhabi in full RAK Airways c/s.
15/06/2007A6-RKAsub-lt Atlasjet.
17/07/2007A6-RKAat Istanbul in RAK Airways c/s with "Atlasjet" titles, tail c/s and tail logo.
00/00/2007A6-RKAret RAK Airways.
29/11/2007A6-RKAfirst RAK Airways service: Ras al-Khaimah-Beirut.
04/03/2009A6-RKAat Ras al-Khaimah; stored.
01/05/2009A6-RKAsub-lt Hewa Bora Airways.
30/05/2009A6-RKAin service: Kinshasa-Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Brussels-Kinshasa.
00/00/2009A6-RKAret RAK Airways.
13/10/2009A6-RKAin service: Dushanbe-Dubai.
21/01/2010A6-RKAferried Ras al-Khaimah-Bournemouth.
27/01/2010A6-RKAferried Bournemouth-Abu Dhabi.
00/02/2010A6-RKAsub-lt Ariana Afghan Airlines.
04/02/2010A6-RKAin service: Kabul-Riyadh-Munich in RAK Airways c/s with "Ariana Afghan" titles and tail logo.
00/00/2010A6-RKAret RAK Airways.
00/09/2010A6-RKAsub-lt Sun Air (Sudan).
00/12/2010A6-RKAret RAK Airways.
06/12/2010A6-RKAat Ras al-Khaimah in full Sun Air c/s with smaller "heart of Africa" and "" titles.
00/00/2011A6-RKAret lessor.
22/05/2011TF-LLXlt Icelandair; ferried Abu Dhabi-Budapest in full Sunair c/s (could not fly to Keflavik because of volcanic activity on Iceland).
06/06/2011TF-LLXferried Budapest-Keflavik.
18/06/2011TF-LLXin service: Keflavik-Amsterdam in full Icelandair c/s.
17/09/2011TF-LLXferried Keflavik-London/Luton.
18/09/2011TF-LLXin service: London/Luton-Banak (Norway).
26/10/2011TF-LLXat Helsinki; named "Skjaldbreiður".
00/11/2011TF-LLXsub-lt Santa Barbara Airlines.
19/04/2012TF-LLXret Icelandair; ferried Miami-Keflavik.
23/07/2012TF-LLXat Amsterdam with blended winglets.
24/02/2013TF-LLXferried Keflavik-Norwich as ICE____; for repaint.
08/03/2013TF-LLXferried Norwich-London/Gatwick as ICE6071; after repaint.
25/01/2018TF-LLXferried Keflavik-Sal/SID as ICE8022.
26/01/2018TF-LLXlt TACV Cabo Verde Airlines; ferried Sal/SID-Praia/RAI as TCV8023.
19/03/2018TF-LLXlast service: Milan/MXP-SaI/SID as TCV631; ferried Sal/SID-Keflavik as TCV8001; ret to Icelandair.
31/10/2018TF-LLXferried Keflavik/KEF-Sharjah/SHJ-Manila/MNL-Port Moresby/POM as ICE8918 (arrived 03/11/2018); for lease to Air Niugini.
09/11/2018TF-LLXin service: Port Moresby/POM-Sydney/SYD as PX1.
26/11/2018TF-LLXlast service: Sydney/SYD-Port Moresby/POM as PX2; to return to Icelandair.
28/11/2018TF-LLXferried Port Moresby/POM-Honolulu/HNL-Seattle/SEA-Keflavik/KEF as ICE8918 (arrived 30/11/2018).
15/10/2020TF-LLXlast service: Copenhagen/CPH-Keflavik/KEF as ICE205.
11/12/2020TF-LLXferried Keflavik/KEF-Boston/BOS-Orlando/SFB as ICE947 (arrived 12/12/2020).
07/01/2021N818NHrgd to Nehalem 29311 LLC, Beaverton OR.
00/00/2021N818NHto be converted to freighter.
03/06/2021N818NHferried Orlando/SFB-Amarillo/AMA under registration; for repaint.
15/06/2021N818NHferried Amarillo/AMA-Miami/MIA under registration in full Amerijet c/s; on delivery to Amerijet International Airlines.
23/02/2022N818NHentered service: Miami/MIA-San Jose/SJU as AJT6757.
14/10/2023N818NHlast service: Kansas City/MCI-Laredo/LRD as AJT6460.
28/12/2023N818NHferried Laredo/LRD-Marana/MZJ as AJT97; for lease return and storage.

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