Line number0938
Type256 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC269
21/07/2000EC-HITroll out.
03/08/2000EC-HITfirst flight.
14/08/2000EC-HITdel Iberia; named "Guatemala".
00/00/2007EC-HITret lessor.
24/02/2007EC-HITat Madrid in basic Iberia c/s.
23/03/2007EC-HITferried Madrid-Bristol as IBE4707 in faded Iberia c/s; for repaint.
01/04/2007EC-HITferried Bristol-Madrid as IBE4701 in full Icelandair c/s; only missing tail logo.
00/04/2007EC-HITferried Madrid-Keflavik-Hamilton; for installation of blended winglets.
01/05/2007TF-FIAlt Icelandair.
06/05/2007TF-FIAferried Hamilton-Keflavik with blended winglets.
08/05/2007TF-FIAin service: Keflavik-Paris/Charles de Gaulle as ICE542.
28/05/2007TF-FIAat Helsinki in full Icelandair c/s, including tail logo (logo applied after 18/05/2007).
26/10/2007TF-FIAsub-lt Ghana International Airlines; ferried Keflavik-Accra.
01/11/2007TF-FIAret Icelandair; ferried London/Gatwick-Keflavik.
12/11/2007TF-FIAat Hong Kong in full Icelandair c/s.
13/01/2008TF-FIAstart of two world tours (both are the same route; tour will end 02/03/2008).
02/03/2008TF-FIAstart of tour around Africa (tour will end 26/03/2008).
05/03/2008TF-FIAat Funchal with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and 'A&K' tail logo; both on left side only.
04/07/2008TF-FIAat Frankfurt in full Icelandair c/s,/
00/10/2008TF-FIAsub-lt Santa Barbara Airlines.
00/12/2008TF-FIAret Icelandair.
29/01/2009TF-FIAat Tokyo with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and 'A&K' tail logo; both on left side only.
16/02/2009TF-FIAat Funchal with "Abercrombie & Kent" titles and 'A&K' tail logo; both on left side only.
19/05/2009TF-FIAat London/Heathrow in full Icelandair c/s; named "Herdubreid".
25/02/2015TF-FIAferried Toronto-Hamilton as ICE6043 after operating Keflavik-Toronto as ICE603; for maintenance.
12/03/2015TF-FIAferried Hamilton-Toronto as ICE6042 after maintenance; in service: Toronto-Keflavik as ICE602.
23/07/2017TF-FIAat Geneva with extra "official airline of the Icelandic national team" titles on front fuselage below the windows (applied after 03/07/017).
07/02/2020TF-FIAafter landing on flight from Berlin/TXL to Keflavik/KEF as ICE529 right main landing gear collapsed; no injuries.

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