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Line number0939
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400E77
07/07/2000EC-HISroll out.
21/07/2000EC-HISfirst flight.
31/07/2000EC-HISdel Iberia; named "Bolivia".
00/04/2006EC-HISret lessor (BBAM).
17/05/2006G-ZAPXlt & rgd to Titan Airways Ltd.
18/05/2006G-ZAPXferried Madrid-London/Stansted as AWC757Y in all white c/s without titles.
10/06/2006G-ZAPXat London/Gatwick in 2006 Titan Airways c/s; no titles and tail logo.
16/11/2006G-ZAPXat Manaus with "Swan Hellenic" titles (left side only).
16/06/2010G-ZAPXsub-lt EasyJet; ferried Manchester-London/Stansted as EZY8001 in full EasyJet c/s.
17/06/2010G-ZAPXin service: London/Stansted-Palma as EZY3211.
27/09/2010G-ZAPXlast service: Malaga-London/Luton as EZY3120.
30/09/2010G-ZAPXret Titan Airways; ferried London/Luton-Norwich as EZY8001; for repaint.
06/10/2010G-ZAPXferried Norwich-London/Stansted as EZY8001 in full Titan Airways c/s.
02/05/2013G-ZAPXsub-lt Jet2; in service: Manchester-Alicante as EXS879.
30/09/2013G-ZAPXlast service: Alicante-Manchester as EXS880; ferried Manchester-London/Stansted as EXS73J; ret Titan Airways.
12/11/2013G-ZAPXsub-lt Gambia Bird Airlines.
18/03/2014G-ZAPXlast service: Freetown-London/Gatwick as GBQ3120; ret Titan Airways.
06/08/2014G-ZAPXsub-lt EasyJet; in service: London/Gatwick-Tenerife as EZY8703.
14/09/2014G-ZAPXlast service: Malaga-London/Gatwick as EZY8614.
15/09/2014G-ZAPXferried London/Gatwick-London/Stansted as EZY9001; ret Titan Airways.
06/06/2015G-ZAPXat Birmingham with "World Cup Dome - powered by Carlsberg" titles on forward fuselage (applied after 11/05/2015).
10/11/2015G-ZAPXat Rio de Janeiro with "High Level - HL Travel" titles.
31/01/2016G-ZAPXferried London/Stansted-Norwich as AWC900Y; for repaint.
09/02/2016G-ZAPXferried Norwich-London/Stansted as AWC900W in 2015 Titan Airways c/s; no titles and tail logo.
05/11/2016G-ZAPXat Zurich with "High Level Travel", HL Travel" and "Swiss" titles on forward fuselage.
10/05/2019G-ZAPXlt TUI Airways; in service: Birmingham/BHX-Tenerife/TFS as TOM7548.
29/09/2019G-ZAPXlast service: Preveza/PVC-London/LGW as TOM5739; ret Titan Airways.
30/04/2022G-ZAPXlt British Airways; ferried London/STN-London/LGW as BAW9278.
01/05/2022G-ZAPXentered service: London/LGW-Bari/BRI as BAW2810.
25/05/2022G-ZAPXlast service: Malta/MLA-London/LGW as BAW2645; ferried London/LGW-London/STN as BAW9279; ret to Titan Airways.
26/05/2022G-ZAPXlt Jet2; entered service: London/STN-Palma/PMI as EXS1529
31/08/2022G-ZAPXlast service: Faro/FAO-London/STN as EXS1440.; ret Titan Airways.
08/09/2022G-ZAPXferried London/STN-Halifax/YHZ-Orlando/MCO as AWC213Y in modified Titan Airways c/s with "TCS World Travel" titles and tail logo.
04/04/2023G-ZAPXlast service: Accra/ACC-London/STN as AWC303 (last leg of world tour which started 16/04/2023).
16/05/2023G-ZAPXferried London/STN-Kemble/KBA as AWC757Y; for part out and scrapping; parts are for Jet2.
16/05/2023G-LSAOrgd to Ltd.
26/05/2023G-LSAOat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines; still wearing registration G-ZAPX.]; 'ÁO' on nosewheel door.
07/06/2023G-LSAOat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines; now wearing registration G-LSAO.
11/08/2023G-LSAOregistration cancelled.
24/10/2023G-LSAOat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines and radome.
16/02/2024G-LSAOat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines, radome and doors.
15/03/2024G-LSAOat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines, radome and doors.
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