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Line number0935
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S40676B
23/06/2000N1795Broll out.
05/07/2000N1795Bfirst flight.
20/07/2000EC-HIRdel Iberia; named "El Salvador".
24/08/2005EC-HIRat Madrid in full Atlasjet c/s.
00/08/2005TC-OGTlt Atlasjet.
29/08/2005TC-OGTat Bologna; in service.
12/09/2006TC-OGTat Istanbul in Atlasjet c/s with "Ethiopian" titles and tail logo.
13/09/2006TC-OGTsub-lt Ethiopian Airlines.
09/10/2006TC-OGTat Addis Ababa in Atlasjet c/s with "Ethiopian" titles and tail logo.
00/00/2007TC-OGTret Atlasjet.
00/03/2007TC-OGTsub-lt Eritrean Airlines.
03/03/2007TC-OGTat Frankfurt in Atlasjet c/s with "Eritrean Airlines" titles and Eritrean Airlines tail c/s and tail logo.
00/00/2007TC-OGTret Atlasjet (after 18/08/2007).
24/10/2007TC-OGTat Istanbul in full Atlasjet c/s (repainted after 18/08/2007).
00/11/2007TC-OGTsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s.
29/11/2007TC-OGTat Jeddah in Atlasjet c/s with "Saudi Arabian" titles and tail logo.
00/00/2007TC-OGTret Atlasjet.
23/02/2008TC-OGTat Stockholm/Arlanda in basic Atlasjet c/s without titles, blue tail c/s with Atlasjet tail logo.
17/04/2008TC-OGTsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s; ferried Istanbul-Medina in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s.
11/09/2010TC-OGTat Antalya in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s.
23/12/2010TC-OGTret Atlasjet.
25/12/2010TC-OGTat Tel Aviv in Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s with "Atlasjet" titles and tail logo.
07/05/2010TC-OGTat Nuremberg in Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s with "Atlasjet" title, '10th year' sticker on fuselage and Atlasjet tail c/s with '10th year' sticker.
00/00/2012TC-OGTret lessor.
18/06/2012G-POWHlt & rgd to Titan Airways in all white c/s.
08/11/2015G-POWHferried London/Stansted-Norwich as AWC900; for repaint.
16/11/2015G-POWHferried Norwich-London/Stansted as AWC752W in 2015 Titan Airways c/s; no titles and no tail logo.
19/03/2016G-POWHsub-lt Jet2; ferried London/Stansted-Leeds/Bradford as EXS61J.
24/03/2016G-POWHin service: Leeds/Bradford-Malaga as EXS185.
25/03/2016G-POWHat Leeds/Bradford in Titan Airways c/s with "Jet2" titles.
30/10/2016G-POWHlast service: Malaga-Leeds/Bradford as EXS186; ferried Leeds/Bradford-London/Luton as EXS063J; ret Titan Airways.
02/05/2018G-POWHsub-lt Jet2; in service: London/STN-Zakynthos/ZTH as EXS1677.
10/06/2018G-POWHat Leeds Bradford/LBA with "" titles (applied after 18/05/2018).
23/09/2018G-POWHlast service: Malaga/AGP-Leeds/LBA as EXS266; ferried Leeds/LBA-London/STN as EXS69J; returning to Titan Airways.
28/09/2018G-POWHin service: London/STN-Gibraltar/GIB as AWC163Y without titles; "Jet2" titles removed after 23/09/2018.
22/07/2019G-POWHat Dallas/DAL with "Atletico de Madrid - Summer Tour 2019 USA Mexico" titles on fuselage and Atletico de Madrid logo on Engine cowlings.
04/11/2022G-POWHlast service: Vitoria/VIT-Manchester/MAN as AWC702; ferried Manchester/MAN-London/STN as AWC370W; for parking/storage.
21/03/2023G-POWHferried London/STN-Lasham/QLA as AWC757P.
22/03/2023G-FTAIrgd to 2 Excel Aviation.
18/08/2023G-FTAIferried Lasham/QLA-Norwich/NWI as BRO25; for repaint.
04/09/2023G-FTAIferried Norwich/NWI-RAF Upavon/UPV as BRO25 in grey c/s without titles and tail logo.
Marcel van Noordenne

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