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Line number0924
Type256 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC4A9
04/04/2000EC-HIQroll out.
25/04/2000EC-HIQfirst flight.
12/05/2000EC-HIQdel Iberia; named "Honduras".
11/05/2005EC-HIQferried Madrid-Bristol as IBE5584 in bare metal c/s; for repaint.
21/05/2005EC-HIQferried Bristol-Madrid as IBE5585 in full Air Astana c/s.
10/07/2005EC-HIQat Madrid in full Air Astana c/s.
00/00/2005P4-NASlease to Air Astana - not taken up.
18/08/2005EC-HIQat Madrid in full Atlasjet c/s.
25/08/2005TC-OGSlt Atlasjet; ferried Madrid-Istanbul.
00/00/2006TC-OGSsub-lt Ethiopian Airlines.
03/12/2006TC-OGSat Addis Ababa in full Ethiopian Airlines c/s (repainted after 06/11/2006).
00/00/2007TC-OGSret Atlasjet.
07/04/2007TC-OGSat Madrid in full Atlasjet c/s.
02/11/2007TC-OGSopf Air Memphis Gothenburg-Hurghada; leased?
28/03/2008TC-OGSsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s; ferried Istanbul-Jeddah.
23/12/2010TC-OGSret Atlasjet; ferried Jeddah-Istanbul.
00/00/2012TC-OGSret lessor.
00/00/2012G-POWIlease to Titan Airways - not taken up.
28/04/2012TF-ISTferried Istanbul-Keflavik in all white c/s.
27/05/2012TF-ISTat Amsterdam; named "Grímsvötn".
28/09/2012TF-ISTat Hanoi with "TCS & Starquest Expeditions" titles (applied after 09/09/2012).
27/10/2012TF-ISTat Moscow/Sheremeteyvo with "Icelandair" titles; also wearing small 'Lakani' sticker on fuselage.
25/10/2013TF-ISTlast service: Billund-Keflavik as ICE275.
00/00/2013TF-ISTret lessor.
09/12/2013G-POWJlt & rgd to Titan Airways Ltd.; ferried Keflavik-Cambridge.
14/12/2013G-POWJat Cambridge in all white c/s.
07/03/2014G-POWJrgd to Airco Ehf, Reykjavik Airport, Reykjavik, Iceland.
10/03/2014G-POWJferried Cambridge-Lasham in all white c/s; for additional maintenance.
05/05/2014G-POWJferried Lasham-Keflavik.
08/05/2014G-POWJferried Keflavik-Indianapolis; for installation of blended winglets and repaint? .... NOT CONFIRMED ....
26/06/2014G-POWJregistration cancelled.
27/06/2014F-HTAGrgd to Airco Ehf, Reykjavik Airport, Reykjavik, Iceland.
27/06/2014F-HTAGlt La Compagnie.
21/07/2014F-HTAGin service: Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Newark as DJT100.
25/07/2014F-HTAGat Paris/Charles de Gaulle with blended winglets.
21/05/2017F-HTAGat Paris/CDG with additional "Paris! NYC! strip around tail logo and "@ Kevin Lyons" titles on bottom of tail (applied after 27/03/2017).
29/06/2019F-HTAGferried Newark/EWR-Opa Locka/OPF as DJT830; for maintenance.
08/07/2019F-HTAGferried Opa-Locka/OPF-Paris/ORY as DJT808; after maintenance.
02/10/2019F-HTAGferried Paris/ORY-Norwich/NWI as DJT333; for lease return and repaint.
14/10/2019F-HTAGferried Norwich/NWI-Keflavik/KEF as DJT in full Cabo Verde Airlines c/s (yellow/purple/turquoise c/s).
15/10/2019F-HTAGferried Keflavik/KEF-Opa Locka/OPF as DJT555; for maintenance and seating reconfiguration.
16/12/2019D4-CCHferried Opa-Locka/OPF-Sal/SID as TCV___ on delivery to Cabo Verde Airlines (arrived 17/12/2019).
23/06/2020D4-CCHferried Sal/SID-Opa-Locka/OPF as VCR916; for parking/storage.
19/12/2020D4-CCHferried Opa-Locka/OPF-Keflavik/KEF as VCR9901; for Icelandair/Lofdtleidir.
00/00/2021TF-LLLIcelandair/Loftleidir; re-rgd.
21/02/2021TF-LLLat Keflavik/KEF in full Cabo Verde Airlines.
10/12/2021TF-LLLferried Keflavik/KEF-Norwich/NWI as ICE6050; for repaint.
20/12/2021TF-LLLferried Norwich/NWI-Keflavik/KEF as ICE6051 in basic "National Geographic" c/s, no titles and no tail logo; named: "þríhnúkagígur".
03/01/2022TF-LLLret to service: Keflavik/KEF-Dubai/DXB as ICE1922.
25/03/2022TF-LLLlast service: New York/JFK-Keflavik/KEF as ICE1056; for maintenance.
18/06/2022TF-LLLret to service in basic National Geographic c/s with Icelandair titles and tail logo: Keflavik/KEF-Copenhagen/CPH as ICE216.
29/07/2022TF-LLLlt TUI fly Netherlands; ferried Keflavik/KEF-Amsterdam/AMS as TFL90.
30/07/2022TF-LLLentered service: Amsterdam/AMS-Heraklion/HER as TFL1073.
14/08/2022TF-LLLlast service: Chania/CHQ-Amsterdam/AMS as TFL1132.
15/08/2022TF-LLLferried Amsterdam/AMS-Keflavik/KEF as TFL89; ret to Icelandair.
03/09/2022TF-LLLstarted world tours for National Geographic and ferried Keflavik/KEF-Seattle/BFI as ICE1238.
18/11/2022TF-LLLended world tours and ferried Washington/IAD-Keflavik/KEF as ICE1240.
21/12/2022TF-LLLret to service: Keflavik/KEF-Munich/MUC as ICE534.
24/12/2022TF-LLLlast service: Helsinki/HEL-Keflavik/KEF as ICE347; going to start world tours again for National Geographic.
10/07/2023TF-LLLferried Keflavik/KEF-Ontario/ONT as ICE1249 without titles and golden star on tail and engine cowlings (National Geographic titles and logo removed after 29/06/2023).
09/08/2023TF-LLLat Singapore/SIN with National Geographic titles and tail logo.
10/11/2023TF-LLLat Varanasi/VNS; suffered tail strike.
28/11/2023TF-LLLferried Varanasi/VNS-Ras al Khaymah/RKT-Madrid/MAD as ICE 8995; for repairs.
Marcel van Noordenne

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