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N610GL-3 Communications
Line number0870
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA7EF54
05/05/1999N1018Nroll out.
21/05/1999N1018Nfirst flight in all white c/s without titles.
00/00/19994k-AZ11Azerbaijan Airlines - not taken up.
21/06/1999N1018Nat Boeing Field in all white c/s without titles.
18/11/1999N1018Nat Boeing Field in all white c/s without titles.
17/12/1999N1018Ndel Starflite International Corporation.
29/12/1999N1018Nrgd to Starflite International Corporation, New Braunfels, TX.
27/11/2001N1018Nbt Asnet LLC.
15/01/2002N1018Nbt Raytheon Services LLC.
16/01/2002N1018Nrgd to Raytheon Services LLC, Helena, MT.
17/01/2002N610GRaytheon Services LLC; re-rgd.
00/01/2002N610Glt Comco.
05/02/2002N610Gat Portland in all white c/s with "Comco" titles on tail and small 'Boeing 757' inscription on lower fuselage, just below forward windows (between the 2 doors).
18/02/2003N610Gbt L-3 Capital LLC; opb Comco on lease.
04/03/2003N610Grgd to L-3 Capital LLC, Helena, MT.
06/08/2015N610Gat San Jose in all white c/s with black/blue tail logo (no more "Comco" titles) and same logo under forward windows (repainted after 22/05/2015).

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