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Line number0926
Type330 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S3C49ED
Namefrom PY26Y236 to Y275
17/04/2000D-ABOMroll out.
04/05/2000D-ABOMfirst flight.
17/05/2000D-ABOMdel Condor.
00/05/2000D-ABOMrgd to Condor Flugdienst.
21/11/2002D-ABOMr/o at Hamburg in Condor c/s with "Thomas Cook" titles, "Powered by Condor" titles on aft fuselage and Thomas Cook tail logo.
01/03/2003D-ABOMbegin of rebranding to 'Thomas Cook powered by Condor'.
23/01/2004D-ABOMcompany returned to Condor brand name.
11/07/2004D-ABOMat Palma with "Condor" titles and "" titles on aft fuselage (applied after 17/04/2004).
29/03/2006D-ABOMat Hamburg in 2002 Thomas Cook Airlines c/s with "Condor" titles and Thomas Cook tail logo & '50 years' sticker (repainted/applied after 15/01/2006).
00/03/2010D-ABOMarr Helsinki; for installation of blended winglets.
20/04/2010D-ABOMferried Helsinki-Dusseldorf with blended winglets.
17/07/2010D-ABOMat Dusseldorf with 'Peanuts cartoons' on fuselage (applied after 09/07/2010).
00/04/2012D-ABOMat Hamburg without 'Peanuts cartoons' on fuselage (removed after 13/09/2011).
26/05/2014D-ABOMat Manchester with 'Jonosch cartoons' and 'Sunny Heart" tail (applied/repainted after 25/09/2013).
09/05/2015D-ABOMat Frankfurt without with 'Jonosch cartoons' and 'Sunny Heart" tail (removed after 04/10/2014).
02/12/2018D-ABOMferried Dusseldorf/DUS-Norwich/NWI as CFG4790; for repaint.
13/12/2018D-ABOMferried Norwich/NWI-Dusseldorf/DUS as CFG4789 in 2013 Thomas Cook Airlines c/s with "Condor" titles.
21/03/2020D-ABOMlast service: Hurghada/HRG-Hamburg/HAM as CFG____; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
01/07/2020D-ABOMret to service: Hamburg/HAM-Palma/PMI as CFG1520.
27/09/2020D-ABOMlast service: Rhodes/RHO-Hamburg/HAM as CFG1645; parked/stored.
19/04/2021D-ABOMferried Hamburg/HAM-Frankfurt/FRA as CFG4787; for maintenance,
09/05/2021D-ABOMferried Frankfurt/FRA-Hamburg/HAM as CFG4789; ret to service: Hamburg/HAM-Palma/PMI as CFG1542.
11/11/2021D-ABOMferried Dusseldorf/DUS-Tel Aviv/TLV as CFG4792; for maintenance.
16/12/2021D-ABOMferried Tel Aviv/TLV-Frankfurt/FRA as CFG4793; after maintenance.
16/01/2023D-ABOMferried Dusseldorf/DUS-Norwich/NWI as CFG4792; for repaint.
31/01/2023D-ABOMferried Norwich/NWI-Frankfurt/FRA as CFG4791 in 2022 white/red striped Condor c/s.
09/02/2023D-ABOMFrankfurt/FRA-Budapest/BUD as CFG4788; for maintenance.
13/03/2023D-ABOMferried Budapest/BUD-Dusseldorf/DUS as CFG4788; after heavy maintenance.
03/02/2024D-ABOMferried Frankfurt/FRA-Almaty/ALA-Guangzhou/CAN as CFG4534; for heavy maintenance.
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