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Line number0810
Type330 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S3C49E2
Configurationfrom PY26Y236 to Y275
29/07/1998N6067Broll out.
30/08/1998N6067Bat Renton in metallic c/s.
04/09/1998N6067Bfirst flight.
07/11/1998N6067Barr Keflavik.
13/12/1998N6067Bferried Keflavik-Glasgow in full Condor c/s; for tail and crosswind trails.
17/12/1998N6067Bferried Glasgow-Keflavik.
20/05/1999D-ABOBdel Condor.
21/05/1999D-ABOBarr Frankfurt on ferry flight from U.S.A.
00/05/1999D-ABOBrgd to Condor Flugdienst.
24/08/1999D-ABOBaircraft veered off runway after landing at Ibiza due to braking problems; no injuries.
30/03/2001D-ABOBjust after take-off from Antalya the aircraft was hit by a flock geese; aircraft returned safely to Antalya; damage to front and fuselage.
01/08/2001D-ABOBat Faro with extra blue/yellow/blue 'C&N' sticker.
18/08/2002D-ABOBr/o at Hamburg in Condor c/s with "Thomas Cook" titles, "Powered by Condor" titles on aft fuselage and Thomas Cook tail logo.
01/03/2003D-ABOBbegin of rebranding to 'Thomas Cook powered by Condor'.
23/01/2004D-ABOBcompany returned to Condor brand name.
16/11/2004D-ABOBferried Frankfurt-Bristol as CFG675; for repaint.
25/11/2004D-ABOBferried Bristol-Frankfurt as CFG9671 in 2002 Thomas Cook Airlines c/s with "Condor" titles and Thomas Cook tail logo.
25/02/2006D-ABOBat Dusseldorf with '50 years' sticker (applied after 21/01/2006).
02/02/2010D-ABOBferried Frankfurt-Helsinki; for installation of blended winglets.
14/03/2010D-ABOBat Helsinki with blended winglets.
28/07/2010D-ABOBat Munich with 'Peanuts cartoons' on fuselage (applied after 07/07/2010).
19/05/2012D-ABOBat Munich without 'Peanuts cartoons' on fuselage (removed after 00/00/2012).
29/11/2013D-ABOBat Tenerife with 'Janosch' cartoons and 'Sunny Heart' logo (applied after 08/11/2013).
14/06/2015D-ABOBat Frankfurt without 'Janosch' cartoons (removed after 17/01/2015).
08/11/2020D-ABOBlast service: Heraklion/HER-Munich/MUN as CFG1601.
23/11/2020D-ABOBferried Munich/MUN-Frankfurt/HHN as CFG4788; for parking/storage.
17/06/2021D-ABOBferried Frankfurt/HHN-Dusseldorf/DUS as CFG4789.
19/06/2021D-ABOBret to service: Dusseldorf/DUS-Hurghada/HRG as CFG68.
07/02/2022D-ABOBferried Dusseldorf/DUS-Almaty/ALA-Guangzhou/CAN-Foshan/FUO as CFG4576; for maintenance and repaint?
07/05/2022D-ABOBferried Foshan/FUO-Almaty/ALA-Frankfurt/FRA as CFG4535 (arrived 08/05/2022); after maintenance.
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