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Line number0780
Type208 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC2A3
14/11/1997N1790Broll out.
23/11/1997N1790Bat Boeing Field in full Icelandair c/s; named "Bryndis".
25/11/1997N1790Bfirst flight.
00/11/1997N1790Bused by Boeing for SATCOM trials.
22/12/1997TF-FINat Boeing Field with Icelandic registration.
20/01/1998TF-FINdel Icelandair; named "Bryndis".
00/12/2002TF-FINarr Norwich; for repaint.
18/12/2002TF-FINferried Norwich-Keflavik as ICE6041in 1999 Icelandair c/s.
21/12/2002TF-FINferried Keflavik-Boston as ICE8933; will operate GWV flights to the Caribbean for the winter.
14/12/2003TF-FINr/o in Icelandair c/s with "Loftleidir" titles and tail logo.
18/12/2003TF-FINferried Keflavik-Boston as ICE8833; will operate GWV flights to the Caribbean for the winter.
05/09/2004TF-FINat London/Heathrow in full Icelandair c/s (including titles and tail logo).
00/12/2004TF-FINarr Kelowna; for installation of blended winglets.
25/01/2005TF-FINferried Kelowna-Boston-Keflavik as ICE6042 with blended winglets.
10/05/2009TF-FINat Boston; named "Eldborg".
08/10/2015TF-FINat Incheon with extra "Lakani" titles on fuselage.
14/11/2015TF-FINat Punta Arenas with "Loftleidir" titles and tail logo (applied after 31/01/2015).
12/12/2015TF-FINat Amsterdam in full Icelandair c/s (including titles and tail logo).
17/11/2020TF-FINlast (cargo) service: Keflavik/KEF-Boston/BOS as ICE765; ferried Boston/BOS-Roswell/ROW as ICE6035; for storage.
12/05/2021TF-FINferried Roswell/ROW-Keflavik/KEF as ICE6080 (arrived 13/05/2021).
24/01/2024TF-FINferried Keflavik/KEF-Hamilton/YHM as ICE6043; for maintenance.
Marcel van Noordenne

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