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Line number0746
Type21K F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400680
11/02/1997G-WJANroll out.
19/02/1997G-WJANat Renton in full Airtours International c/s.
27/02/1997G-WJANfirst flight.
18/03/1997G-WJANrgd to Airtours International.
19/03/1997G-WJANdel Airtours International.
21/03/1997G-WJANarr Manchester as AIH571 on ferry flight from U.S.A.
23/03/1997G-WJANfirst service: Manchester-Faro.
01/01/1998G-WJANwhile landing at Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), the aircraft impacted the ground with the tail; the airplane was substantially damaged, but the 8 crewmembers and 211 passengers were not injured; the flight originated from Bangor, Maine; the airplane rotated on landing, the pilot elected to abort the landing and diverted to Santo Domingo; the airplane's tail sustained damage (full report: Air Accidents Investigation Branch website).
01/03/1998G-WJANarr Southend on ferry flight from Puerto Plata; for repairs after accident.
04/03/1998G-WJANferried Southend-Manchester.
00/00/0000G-WJANbt Alcudia Leasing; opb Airtours International on lease.
01/05/2002G-WJANcompany renamed MyTravel Airways.
16/05/2002G-WJANat London/Gatwick with "MyTravel" titles and no tail logo (applied after 22/04/2002).
03/11/2003G-WJANregistration cancelled.
04/11/2003C-FFANsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Keflavik-Toronto as SSV793F.
08/01/2004C-FFANat Calgary in MyTravel Airways c/s with "Skyservice" titles and "Simply the best Sunquest" titles on aft fuselage.
01/05/2004C-FFANlast service: Toronto-Dublin as SSV675 (arrived 02/05/2004).
02/05/2004C-FFANferried Dublin-Manchester; ret to MyTravel Airways.
03/05/2004C-FFANregistration cancelled.
04/05/2004G-WJANrgd to MyTravel Airways Inc.
11/05/2004G-WJANat Malta in MyTravel Airways c/s without titles and tail logo.
02/11/2004G-WJANregistration cancelled.
03/11/2004C-FFANsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines; ferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV971.
27/10/2005C-FFANferried Manchester-Southend as MYT832; for repaint.
28/10/2005C-FFANregistration cancelled.
28/10/2005G-WJANrgd to MyTravel Airways Ltd.
07/11/2005G-WJANat Southend in all white c/s with "MyTravel" titles and tail logo.
03/12/2005G-WJANferried Southend-Manchester as MYT006.
10/11/2006G-WJANregistration cancelled.
10/11/2006C-FFANsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.; at Lasham in all white c/s with red "Skyservice" titles, red "Sunquest" titles on aft fuselage and MyTravel tail logo.
29/04/2007C-FFANat Willemstad with Skyservice tai logo.
19/06/2007C-FFANMyTravel Airways merged into Thomas Cook Airlines; sub lease to Skyservice Airlines continues.
03/06/2008C-FFANat San Juan in 2007 Skyservice Airlines c/s (repainted after 13/04/2008).
06/04/2009C-FFANferried Toronto-Norwich as SSV590F; for repaint.
17/04/2009C-FFANferried Norwich-Manchester in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
20/04/2009C-FFANregistration cancelled.
21/04/2009G-WJANrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd.
04/11/2009G-WJANregistration cancelled.
04/11/2009C-FFANsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
05/11/2009C-FFANferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV___.
30/03/2010C-FFANferried Toronto-Manchester as SSV9502 (arrived 31/03/2010).
31/03/2010C-FFANregistration cancelled.
01/04/2010G-WJANrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd.
02/11/2010G-WJANregistration cancelled.
02/11/2010G-GJZSsub-lt & rgd to Jazz Air LO (Air Canada Jazz).
03/11/2010C-GJZSferried Manchester-Keflavik-Halifax-Ottawa as JZA3981.
29/03/2011C-GJZSferried Toronto-Manchester as JZA3986 (arrived 30/03/20111); ret to Thomas Cook Airlines.
31/03/2011C-GJZSregistration cancelled.
31/03/2011G-WJANrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines.
11/12/2011G-WJANferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX62P.
12/12/2011G-WJANsub-lt WestJet.
23/04/2012G-WJANferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX37F (arrived 24/04/2012); ret to Thomas Cook Airlines.
10/12/2012G-WJANsub-lt WestJet; ferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX37P.
22/04/2013G-WJANferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX37F (arrived 23/04/2013); ret to Thomas Cook Airlines.
24/10/2013G-WJANat Manchester with 'golden heart' logo (applied after 08/09/2013).
12/12/2013G-WJANsub-lt WestJet; ferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX38P.
28/04/2014G-WJANferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX38F; ret to Thomas Cook Airlines.
10/12/2014G-WJANsub-lt WestJet; ferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX37P.
27/04/2015G-WJANferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX38F (arrived 28/04/2015); ret to Thomas Cook Airlines.
06/12/2015G-WJANferried Manchester-Glasgow as TCX752P; last service: Glasgow-Tenerife as TCX3416; ferried Tenerife-Prestwick as TCX416 (arrived 07/12/2015); for maintenance prior lease return.
28/02/2016G-WJANat Prestwick; engines and cockpit windows covered up; stored.
25/05/2016G-WJANferried Prestwick-Dubai/DWC-Xiamen (arrived 26/05/2016); for conversion to freighter.
27/05/2016G-WJANregistration cancelled.
27/05/2016N553CCrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
15/09/2016N553CCat Xiamen; damaged during Typhoon Meranti; extend of damage not known.
07/04/2017N553CCregistration cancelled.
10/04/2017B-1432rgd to SF Airlines Limited.
16/04/2017B-1432ferried Xiamen-Shenzhen as CSS____; after conversion to freighter.
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