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Line number0751
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce-RB211-535E4
Mode SAD3C96
17/03/1997G-CPENroll out.
04/04/1997G-CPENfirst flight.
23/04/1997G-CPENdel British Airways; ferried Boeing Field-London/Heathrow (arrived 24/04/1997).
04/05/1997G-CPENfirst service: London/Heathrow-Cologne.
24/06/1998G-CPENlast service: Edinburgh-London/Heathrow as BA14__.
00/06/1998G-CPENr/o at London/Heathrow in 1997 British Airways c/s with "Union Flag" tail c/s.
30/06/1998G-CPENin service: London/Heathrow-Geneva as BA724.
20/12/2009G-CPENlast service: Vienna-London/Heathrow as BA705.
00/12/2009G-CPENat London/Heathrow; stored.
12/05/2011G-CPENferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as BA9258P.
31/05/2011G-CPENregistration cancelled.
31/05/2011N952FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
02/06/2011N952FDferried London/Gatwick-Bangor-Victorville as FDX9085 in basic British Airways c/s (arrived 03/06/2011).
17/12/2011N952FDferried Victorville-Anchorage-Sapporo-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9089 (arrived 20/12/2011); for conversion to freighter.
00/05/2012N952FDconversion to freighter completed.
28/05/2012N952FDferried Singapore/Seletar-Osaka/Kansai-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9088 in full FedEx c/s (arrived 30/05/2012); '952'; named "Roxanna".
00/10/2020N952FDnamed "Vivian".
20/12/2023N952FDlast service: Salt Lake City/SLC-Indianapolis/IND as FDX1661.
26/12/2023N952FDferried Indianapolis/IND-Victorville/VCV as FDX9035; for part out and scrapping.
Marcel van Noordenne

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