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Line number0825
Type231 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode S151F02
10/09/1998N1799Broll out.
23/09/1998N1799Bfirst flight.
15/10/1998N716TWdel Trans World Airlines; '7516'.
15/10/1998N716TWbt First Security Bank of Utah; opb Trans World Airlines on lease.
16/10/1998N716TWrgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
22/10/1998N716TWfirst service: Los Angeles-St. Louis-New York/JFK.
02/12/2001N716TWTrans World Airlines merged into American Airlines; '5TS'.
09/04/2003N716TWat Dallas/Fort Worth in full American Airlines c/s including "American" titles.
05/12/2007N716TWat Dallas/Fort Worth in basic American Airlines c/s, but red stripes painted out blue, no titles and no tail logo; landing gear being replaced inside hangar.
11/01/2008N716TWferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Kelowna as AAL9613; for installation of blended winglets.
00/02/2008N716TWret lessor.
07/02/2008N716TWrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
00/00/2008N716TWarr Oklahoma City with blended winglets.
00/00/2008N716TWoffered for sale.
28/05/2010N716TWferried Oklahoma City-Atlanta.
18/07/2010N716TWat Atlanta in full Nordwind Airlines c/s; wearing registration VQ-BKE.
04/08/2010N716TWat Atlanta in full Nordwind Airlines c/s; wearing registration VQ-BKE.
05/08/2010N716TWferried Atlanta-Miami.
23/08/2010N716TWregistration cancelled.
27/08/2010VQ-BKElt Nordwind Airlines; ferried Miami-Manchester-Antalya (arrived 28/08/2010).
04/03/2012VQ-BKEat Helsinki; parked.
21/05/2012N926LGbt Bank of Utah (from WWTAI AirOpCo I Bermuda Ltd.).
22/05/2012N926LGrgd to Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
27/11/2012N926LGat Istanbul in Nordwind Airlines c/s.
24/04/2013N926LGregistration cancelled.
24/04/2013VP-BPBlt UT Air.
29/04/2013VP-BPBferried Istanbul-Rostov as UTA5994.
04/03/2015VP-BPBtfd to Katekavia.
18/03/2015VP-BPBat Belgorod in full Azur Air c/s (repainted after 09/01/2015).
21/10/2021VP-BPBferried Dalaman/DLM-Moscow/VKO as AZV8892; for storage.
00/05/2022RA-73474Azur Air; re-rgd.
10/07/2022RA-73474at Moscow/VKO; missing both engines.
04/05/2023RA-73474at Moscow/VKO; missing both engines; used for parts.
Marcel van Noordenne

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