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Line number0708
Type2G5 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CAB5C
26/03/1996D-AMUIroll out.
06/04/1996D-AMUIfirst flight.
15/04/1996D-AMUIdel LTU Sud.
24/04/1996D-AMUIfirst service.
01/11/1997D-AMUIcompany merged into LTU International.
24/01/1999D-AMUIbt Unicapital Air Group; opb LTU International on lease.
01/11/2003D-AMUIarr Hamburg; for repaint.
05/11/2003D-AMUIr/o at Hamburg in all white c/s with red "LTU" titles; ferried Hamburg-Munich.
09/11/2003D-AMUIat Dusseldorf in all white c/s with red "LTU" titles on fuselage and tail.
04/01/2004D-AMUIlast service: Las Palmas-Dusseldorf (last LTU Boeing 757 service).
05/01/2004D-AMUIret Pegasus Aviation Inc.; ferried Dusseldorf-Munich (TT: 26782 hours; 9531 cycles).
19/02/2004D-AMUIregistration cancelled.
00/02/2004P4-GASlt Air Astana.
09/05/2009P4-GASferried London/Heathrow-Lasham as KZR1383; for installation of blended winglets.
09/06/2009P4-GASferried Lasham-Norwich with blended winglets.
22/10/2015P4-GASat London/Heathrow with extra "Expo 2017 - Astana Kazakhstan" titles on fuselage.
23/03/2020P4-GASlast service: Seoul/ICN-Almaty/ALA as KZR910; parked.
17/09/2020P4-GASferried Almaty/ALA-St. Athan/DGX as KZR1399; for lease return and for part out and scrapping.
01/10/2020EI-GTWCastlelake; re-rgd.
00/03/2021EI-GTWscrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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