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Line number0690
Type23N W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S48435B
29/08/1995N514ATroll out.
15/09/1995N514ATfirst flight.
26/09/1995N514ATdel GATX Third Aircraft Corporation.
26/09/1995N514ATlt American Trans Air.
25/10/1995N514ATbt Banc One Arizona Leasing Corporation; opb American Trans Air on lease.
22/05/2000N514ATbt State Street Bank & Trust Company; opb American Trans Air on lease.
19/03/2003N514ATcompany renamed ATA Airlines.
14/07/2004N514ATrgd to US Bank, Boston, MA.
30/03/2008N514ATlast service: Cancun-Chicago/Midway as TZ4073.
31/03/2008N514ATferried Chicago/Midway-Phoenix as TZ7183.
03/04/2008N514ATATA Airlines filed for Chapter 11 and stopped all operations.
16/04/2008N514ATferried Phoenix-Lake City as TZ7514.
04/11/2008N558AXregistration reserved by US Bank.
10/11/2008N514ATperformed local test flight at Lake City as OAE558.
14/11/2008N514ATlt Omni Air International; ferried Lake City-Las Vegas OAE558.
21/11/2008N558AXOmni Air International; re-rgd.
27/01/2009N558AXat Shannon in full Omni Air International c/s.
28/11/2010N558AXat Las Vegas with red tail c/s and red engine cowlings c/s (was white).
00/00/2011N558AXret lessor.
17/11/2011N558AXregistration cancelled.
18/11/2011P4-KCUlt Air Astana.
22/11/2011P4-KCUferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Southend as KZR1387 in full Air Astana c/s (arrives 23/11/2011); for installation of blended winglets and cabin configuration.
16/01/2012P4-KCUferried Southend-Astana as KZR1388 with blended winglets.
11/04/2019P4-KCUlast service: Astana/TSE-Almaty/ALA as KZR622.
15/04/2019P4-KCUferried Almaty/ALA-Keflavik/KEF-Bangor/BGR-Goodyear/GYR under registration (arrived 17/04/2019); for lease return and storage.
27/04/2019P4-KCUat Goodyear/GYR; missing both engines.
13/11/2019P4-KCUat Goodyear/GYR; missing both engines.
19/07/2020P4-KCUat Goodyear/GYR; missing both engines.
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