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Line number0760
Type2Q8 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA98539
21/05/1997N712TWroll out.
05/06/1997N712TWfirst flight.
18/06/1997N712TWdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
18/06/1997N712TWlt Trans World Airlines.
19/06/1997N712TWrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
26/06/1997N712TWfirst service: Los Angeles-St. Louis-New York/La Guardia.
26/01/1998N712TWoperated TWA's first Pacific ETOPS 757 service: St. Louis-Los Angeles-Honolulu.
02/12/2001N712TWTrans World Airlines merged into American Airlines; '5TM'.
16/11/2002N712TWat Los Angeles in full American Airlines c/s (including titles).
13/08/2003N712TWbt Castle 2003-1A LLC; opb American Airlines on lease.
26/08/2003N712TWrgd to Castle 2003-1A LLC, Wilmington, DE.
27/08/2007N712TWlast service: ?-Dallas/Fort Worth.
28/08/2007N712TWferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Fort Worth/AFW (TT: 34207 hours; 12510 cycles); for maintenance prior to lease return.
00/10/2007N712TWret lessor.
15/10/2007N712TWlt Delta Air Lines; '6809'.
19/10/2007N712TWat Atlanta in bare metal c/s; awaiting repaint.
21/01/2008N712TWat New York/JFK in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles & with blended winglets.
15/07/2013N712TWbt & rgd to Delta Air Lines.
20/03/2020N712TWlast service: New York/JFK-Salt Lake City/SLC as DAL460.
23/03/2020N712TWferried Salt Lake City/SLC-Victorville/VCV as DAL9954; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
20/10/2020N712TWferried Victorville/VCV-Queretaro/QRO as DAL9960; for maintenance.
03/01/2021N712TWferried Queretaro/QRO-New York/JFK as DAL9959; after maintenance.
04/01/2021N712TWret to service: New York/JFK-Phoenix/PHX as DAL733.
Marcel van Noordenne

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