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Line number0692
Type23N F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S800446
Name"Vision VIII"
14/09/1995N515ATroll out.
29/09/1995N515ATfirst flight.
11/10/1995N515ATdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
11/10/1995N515ATlt American Trans Air,
29/09/1999N515ATbt ICX Corporation; opb by American Trans Air on lease.
30/09/1999N515ATrgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
19/03/2003N515ATAmerican Trans Air renamed ATA Airlines.
31/03/2005N515ATbt & rgd to SP Aircraft Owner VII LLC, New York, NY; opb ATA Airlines on lease.
10/04/2005N515ATlast service: Cancun-Chicago as TZ4053.
11/04/2005N515ATferried Chicago-Indianapolis as TZ7318.
13/04/2005N515ATferried Indianapolis-Hartford as TZ7345.
13/04/2005N515ATbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
15/04/2005N515ATrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
20/05/2005N515ATferried Goose Bay-Munich as SXA221.
30/09/2005N515ATat Munich in full ATA Airlines c/s.
22/10/2005N515ATat Munich in full ATA Airlines c/s.
21/02/2006N515ATregistration cancelled.
22/02/2006EI-LTAbt & rgd to City Leasing Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
20/05/2006EI-LTAlt Vim Airlines; ferried Munich-Ulyanovsk in ATA Airlines c.s with pink "Vim Airlines" titles.
27/05/2006EI-LTAat Moscow/Domodedovo in ATA Airlines c/s with pink "Vim Airlines" titles.
00/00/2007EI-LTAsub-lt Air Bashkortostan.
29/04/2007EI-LTAat Thessasaloniki in full Air Bashkortostan c/s (repainted after 08/03/2007).
00/06/2007EI-LTAret lessor.
20/06/2007EI-LTAferried Moscow/Domodedovo-Munich-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ in Air Bashkortostan c/s; for conversion to freighter.
22/06/2007EI-LTArgd to Air Contractors (Ireland) Ltd.
21/10/2007EI-LTAferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Dublin (arrived 22/10/2007) in full Blue Dart Aviation c/s; after conversion to freighter; named "Vision VIII".
24/10/2007EI-LTAferried Dublin-Bahrain.
26/10/2007EI-LTAregistration cancelled.
26/10/2007VT-BDMlt Blue Dart Aviation.
01/11/2007VT-BDMrgd to European Air Transport.
26/10/2010VT-BDMrgd to DHL Aviation (Netherlands) B.V.
Marcel van Noordenne

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