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Line number0689
Type232 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA91616
22/08/1995N686DAroll out.
06/09/1995N686DAfirst flight.
20/09/1995N686DAdel Delta Air Lines; '686'.
21/09/1995N686DArgd to Delta Air Lines Inc.
00/00/0000N686DAnever repainted in 1997 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta Air Lines" titles.
00/06/2002N686DAat San Francisco in 2000 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 09/11/2000).
16/04/2009N686DAferried Atlanta-Victorville as DAL9900; for storage.
12/11/2009N686DAat Victorville; stored.
23/02/2010N686DAat Victorville; stored.
26/03/2010N686DAat Victorville; stored.
26/05/2010N686DAat Boston in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles & with blended winglets (repainted and installed after 26/03/2010).
20/03/2020N686DAlast service: Atlanta/ATL-Detroit/DTW as DAL1772.
21/03/2020N686DAferried Detroit/DTW-Queretaro/QRO as DAL9938; for maintenance.
20/10/2020N686DAferried Queretaro/QRO-?; after maintenance,
Marcel van Noordenne

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