B-2845SF Airlines
Line number0674
Type2Z0 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S7BD015
21/04/1995B-2845roll out.
10/05/1995B-2845first flight.
01/06/1995B-2845del China Southwest Airlines.
01/06/1995B-2845lt China National Aviation Corporation.
00/05/1998B-2845sub-lt Royal Nepal Airlines.
24/05/1998B-2845at Osaka/Kansai in full China Southwest Airlines c/s with small 'Royal Nepal Airlines' sticker.
15/07/1998B-2845ret China Southwest Airlines.
08/10/1998B-2845at Shanghai in full China Southwest Airlines c/s.
28/10/2002B-2845China Southwest Airlines merged into Air China.
07/10/2004B-2845at Beijing in full Air China c/s (repainted after 29/04/2004).
00/00/2012B-2845conversion to freighter completed.
09/08/2012B-2845bt & rgd to SF Airlines.
29/12/2012B-2845at Beijing in full SF Airlines c/s; in service.

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