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Line number0639
Type2Q8 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW204
Mode S3C70B2
06/09/1994N756ATroll out.
22/09/1994N756ATfirst flight.
04/10/1994N756ATdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
04/10/1994N756ATlt American Trans Air.
05/10/1994N756ATrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
21/10/1994N756ATat Phoenix in white/grey c/s with "American Trans Air" titles.
29/03/1996N756ATsub-lt Air Berlin in white/grey c/s with red "Air Berlin" titles.
15/08/1996N756ATret American Trans Air' ferried Paderborn-Indianapolis.
09/10/1996N756ATret International Lease Finance Corporation.
09/10/1996N756ATlt AeroPeru.
05/10/1997N809AMAeroPeru; re-rgd.
10/03/1999N809AMAeroPeru suspended operations due to financial difficulties.
14/03/1999N809AMret International Lease Finance Corporation.
23/06/1999N809AMlt Mexicana.
12/09/1999N764MXMexicana; re-rgd.
11/05/2002N764MXat Mexico City; named "Ciudad de Mexico".
00/02/2005N764MXret International Lease Finance Corporation.
16/03/2005N764MXferried Mexico City-Abbotsford.
19/05/2005N403JSregistration reserved by International Lease Finance Corporation.
00/06/2005N764MXlt Eos Airlines.
06/07/2005N764MXferried Abbotsford-Tucson-New York/JFK.
28/07/2005N764MXat New York/JFK in all white c/s.
18/08/2005N764MXarr London/Stansted in all white c/s; performing proving flights between U.S.A. and U.K.
26/08/2005N764MXferried New York/JFK-Roswell.
04/09/2005N403JSferried Roswell-Abbotsford.
23/09/2005N403JSEos Airlines; re-rgd.
11/12/2005N403JSat London/Luton in full Eos Airlines c/s.
26/04/2008N403JSEos Airlines filed for bankruptcy.
27/04/2008N403JSEos Airlines ceased operations (although last flight operated 30/04/2008).
05/05/2008N403JSat New York/JFK in full Eos Airlines c/s; parked.
11/06/2008N403JSat Atlanta in full Eos Airlines c/s; parked in maintenance area.
27/09/2008N403JSat Atlanta in Nordwind Airlines c/s.
03/10/2008N403JSregistration cancelled.
03/10/2008VQ-BALlt Nordwind Airlines.
13/10/2008VQ-BALferried Atlanta-Gander-Moscow/Vnukovo.
26/04/2013VQ-BALat Istanbul in Nordwind Airlines c/s with "Ikar" titles in tail; no titles on fuselage.
31/12/2014VQ-BALferried Istanbul-Lasham in all white c/s without titles and tail logo; for lease return.
06/05/2015D-ALERregistration reserved by DHL Netherlands.
17/07/2015VQ-BALbt DHL Aviation (Netherlands) B.V. (from Aercap Irelands Capital Ltd).
17/07/2015N273DHbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
23/07/2015N273DHrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
07/08/2015N273DHferried Lasham-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as SXA1213 (arrived 08/08/2015); for conversion to freighter.
20/09/2016N273DHferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Bangor-Leipzig as SXA333 (arrived 21/09/2016); after conversion to freighter.
21/09/2016N273DHregistration cancelled.
05/10/2016D-ALERrgd to EAT Leipzig.
Marcel van Noordenne

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