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Line number0653
Type224 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
22/11/1994N18112roll out.
05/01/1995N18112first flight.
02/02/1995N18112del Continental Airlines; '112'.
02/02/1995N18112rgd to First Security Bank of Utah (in 2000 absorbed into Wells Fargo Bank Northwest).
31/12/1995N18112bt General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS); opb Continental Airlines on lease.
23/10/2005N18112last service without blended winglets: Hamburg-Newark as COA75; ferried Newark-Greensboro as COA9971; for installation of blended winglets.
27/11/2005N18112at Berlin/Tegel with blended winglets.
02/05/2010N18112Continental Airlines agreed with United Airlines to merge into United Airlines.
01/10/2010N18112Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines into United Airlines.
12/11/2010N18112last service with "Continental" titles: Seattle-Houston as COA366; ferried Houston-Amarillo as COA9973; for repaint of titles.
15/11/2010N18112ferried Amarillo-Houston as COA9974 with "United" titles; in service: Houston-Phoenix as COA220.
15/10/2014N18112bt United Airlines.
16/10/2014N18112rgd to United Airlines Inc.
20/03/2020N18112last service: San Francisco/SFO-Orlando/MCO as UAL2783; parked because of COVID-19 virus.
01/08/2020N18112ferried Orlando/MCO-Roswell/ROW as UAL2725; for continued parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
11/04/2022N18112ferried Roswell/ROW-Wilmington/ILN as UAL2728; for maintenance before returning to service.
19/07/2022N18112ferried Wilmington/ILN-Denver/DEN as UAL2730; to return to service.
15/04/2024N18112ferried Newark/EWR-Amarillo/AMA as UAL3888; for repaint.
25/04/2024N18112ferried Amarillo/AMA-Orlando/MCO as UAL3897 in 2019 (Blue Evolution) United Airlines c/s.
Marcel van Noordenne

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