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Line number0604
Type204 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACD13E
07/02/1994G-BYASroll out.
25/02/1994G-BYASfirst flight.
09/03/1994G-BYASdel & rgd to Britannia Airways.
10/03/1994G-BYASarr London/Luton as BAL757 on ferry flight from U.S.A.
00/11/2003G-BYASat Palma in 'World of TUI' c/s with" titles and small "operated by Britannia" titles below cockpit windows (repainted after 05/04/2003).
13/11/2004G-BYASarr Maastricht/Aachen as BAL980P; for repaint of titles,
14/11/2004G-BYASr/o at Maastricht/Aachen with "" titles.
08/01/2005G-BYASat Salzburg; named "Gordon Hill - employee of the year 2003".
09/05/2005G-BYASBritannia Airways renamed
01/11/2008G-BYASThomsonfly merged with First Choice Airways into Thomson Airways.
15/05/2009G-BYASlast service: Mytilene-Manchester as TOM296; ferried Manchester-Shannon as TOM9261.
15/06/2009G-BYASregistration cancelled.
15/06/2009N925FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
18/06/2009N925FDferried Shannon-Bangor-Victorville as FDX9023 in Thomson Airways c/s without titles and tail logo (arrived 19/06/2009).
29/10/2009N925FDferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9059; for conversion to freighter.
29/03/2010N925FDat Mobile; start of conversion to freighter.
00/09/2010N925FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
04/09/2010N925FDferried Mobile-New Iberia as FDX9013; for repaint.
13/09/2010N925FDferried New Iberia-Memphis as FDX9044 in full FedEx c/s; '925'.
15/09/2010N925FDin service: Memphis-? as FDX____.
17/12/2011N925FDat Los Angeles; named "Micah".
Marcel van Noordenne

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