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Line number0598
Type204 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAC82FF
04/01/1994G-BYAOroll out.
24/01/1994G-BYAOfirst flight.
03/02/1994G-BYAOdel & rgd to Britannia Airways.
03/02/1994G-BYAObt R B Equipment Leasing Ltd.; opb Britannia Airways on lease.
04/02/1994G-BYAOarr London/Luton on ferry flight from U.S.A.
12/01/2002G-BYAOat Geneva in 'World of TUI' c/s with red "Britannia" titles (repainted after 14/06/2001).
30/04/2004G-BYAOat Malta with "" titles (applied after 12/02/2004).
09/05/2005G-BYAOBritannia Airways renamed
14/05/2005G-BYAOat Manchester with "" titles; small "operated By Britannia Airways" titles below cockpit windows.
01/11/ merged with First Choice Airways into Thomson Airways.
15/10/2011G-BYAOlast service: Dalaman-Manchester as TOM503.
16/10/2011G-BYAOferried Manchester-Abu Dhabi as TOM9288; for maintenance prior lease return.
02/01/2012G-BYAOferried Abu Dhabi-Norwich as TOM9253; for repaint.
13/01/2012G-BYAOferried Norwich-London/Gatwick as TOM9278 in full Allegiant Air c/s.
28/01/2012G-BYAOferried London/Gatwick-Shannon.
02/03/2012G-BYAOferried Shannon-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as TOM9258.
05/03/2012G-BYAOregistration cancelled.
14/03/2012N905NVbt Sunrise Asset Management LLC (from Aercap Partners I Ltd.).
14/03/2012N905NVlt Allegiant Air; '905'.
15/03/2012N905NVrgd to Sunrise Asset Management LLC, Las Vegas, NV.
21/06/2012N905NVferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Las Vegas.
08/10/2012N905NVat Las Vegas with blended winglets.
31/10/2017N905NVlast service: Fort Hood/GRK-Riverside/RIV as AAY8093; ferried Riverside/RIV-Victorville as AAY9000; for lease return and storage.
10/08/2018N905NVregistration cancelled.
25/04/2019N905NVat Victorville/VCV: missing both engines and radome; for part out and scrapping.
08/03/2020N905NVat Victorville/VCV: missing both engines and radome.
17/10/2022N905NVat Victorville/VCV: missing both engines, radome and tail rudder.
21/01/2023N905NVat Victorville/VCV.
04/10/2023N905NVat Victorville/VCV.
Marcel van Noordenne

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