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Line number0606
Type204 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S398904
17/02/1994G-BYATroll out.
09/03/1994G-BYATfirst flight.
21/03/1994G-BYATdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
21/03/1994G-BYATlt & rgd to Britannia Airways.
22/03/1994G-BYATarr London/Luton as BAL757A on ferry flight from U.S.A.
15/10/2002G-BYATferried Birmingham-Maastricht/Aachen as BAL970F; for repaint.
22/10/2002G-BYATferried Maastricht/Aachen-Birmingham in 'World of TUI' c/s with red "Britannia" titles.
18/02/2004G-BYATarr Maastricht/Aachen; for repaint with new titles.
00/02/2004G-BYATdep Maastricht/Aachen with "" titles.
29/02/2004G-BYATat London/Stansted with "" titles.
31/01/2005G-BYATferried London/Gatwick-Maastricht/Aachen as BAL999P; for repaint with new titles.
02/02/2005G-BYATferried Maastricht/Aachen-London/Gatwick as BAL997P with "" titles.
09/05/2005G-BYATBritannia Airways renamed
23/06/2005G-BYATat London/Stansted; named "Becky Davey - employee of the year 2004".
01/11/ merged with First Choice Airways into Thomson Airways.
20/11/2013G-BYATferried Edinburgh-Norwich as TOM9257; for repaint.
02/11/2014G-BYATlast service: Enfidha-London/Luton as TOM751.
03/12/2014G-BYATferried London/Luton-Norwich as TOM9850; for repaint.
09/12/2014G-BYATrgd to Dreamjet Participations SAS, Le Bourget, France.
23/12/2014G-BYATat Norwich in full La Compagnie c/s.
21/01/2015G-BYATferried Norwich-Southend as TOM9850; for installation of blended winglets.
23/04/2015G-BYATat Southend with blended winglets and wearing registration F-HCIE.
27/04/2015G-BYATregistration cancelled.
04/05/2015F-HCIEferried Southend-Paris/Charles de Gaulle as TOM9850.
04/05/2015F-HCIErgd to AerCap Ireland Capital Limited.
05/05/2015F-HCIEin service: Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Newark as DJT100.
24/07/2018F-HCIElast service: Newark/EWR-Paris/ORY as DJT101 (arrived 25/07/2018).
25/07/2018F-HCIEferried Paris/ORY-Lasham/QLA as DJT823; for maintenance.
12/08/2018F-HCIEferried Lasham/QLA-Paris/ORY as DJT822; after maintenance.
28/10/2019F-HCIElast service: Paris/ORY-Newark/EWR as DJT102.
29/10/2019F-HCIEferried Newark/EWR-Goodyear/GYR as DJT205; for lease return and part out/scrapping.
01/02/2020F-HCIEat Goodyear/GYR; titles and tail logo painted out; missing both engines.
06/03/2020F-HCIEat Goodyear/GYR; titles and tail logo painted out; missing both engines.
00/00/2020 ?F-HCIEscrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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