Line number0591
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA4D4F8
12/11/1993SU-RADroll out.
00/00/1993SU-RADShorouk Air - not taken up.
00/00/1993SU-RADat Boeing Field in full Shorouk Air c/s.
27/10/1994B-27007first flight.
08/11/1994B-27007del Far Eastern Air Transport.
19/11/1994B-27007first service: Taipei/Sung Shan-Kaohsiung.
00/11/2006XU-AKBsub-lt Angkor Airways.
11/11/2006XU-AKBat Taipei in basic Far Eastern Transport c/s with "Angkor Airways" titles and 'AKW' in tail.
00/04/2008N410JRret BCC Grand Cayman Ltd.
30/04/2008N410JRbt Boeing Capital Corporation.
02/05/2008N410JRrgd to Boeing Capital Corporation. Renton, WA.
24/05/2008N410JRferried Taipei-Sapporo-Anchorage-Victorville in basic Far Eastern Air Transport c/s with "Angkor Airways" titles (arrived 25/05/2008); for storage.
01/06/2008N410JRat Victorville; stored.
26/09/2008N410JRferried Victorville-San Jose as SXA528; for maintenance and repaint.
05/12/2008N410JRat San Jose (Costa Rica) in all white c/s without titles.
00/00/2009UR-CDNKhors Air - not taken up.
28/07/2009N410JRat San Jose; being repainted.
01/08/2009N410JRat San Jose with "Skywings" titles.
01/09/2009N410JRferried San Jose-Goose Bay-Athens in all white c/s with "Skywings" titles (arrived 02/09/2009).
16/09/2009N410JRregistration cancelled.
00/09/2009SX-BTHlt Skywings Airlines.
00/00/2010SX-BTHret lessor.
24/09/2010SX-BTHat Victorville in full Skywings airlines c/s.
15/11/2010N410JRrgd to Boeing Capital Corporation, Renton, WA.
18/02/2011N410JRbt Aerolease 757 MSN 27204 LLC.
18/02/2011N410JRbt Brickell Asset Management XII LLC.
25/04/2011N410JRat Victorville; all usable parts removed; still standing on its landing gear.
20/05/2011N410JRat Victorville; all usable parts removed; still standing on its landing gear.
00/00/2011N410JRscrapping completed.
14/05/2013N410JRregistration cancelled,

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