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Line number0588
Type29J F W
EnginesPratt & Whitney Pw2037
Mode SAA3574
27/10/1993SU-RACroll out.
24/11/1993SU-RACfirst flight.
00/00/1993SU-RACat Boeing Field in full Shorouk Air c/s.
00/00/1993SU-RACShorouk Air - not taken up.
00/00/1993N1792Brgd to Boeing.
18/11/1994B-27005del Far Eastern Air Transport.
18/11/1994B-27005del Far Eastern Air Transport.
01/12/1994B-27005first service: Taipei/Sung Shan-Kaohsiung.
10/12/1999XA-TQUbt Aeromexico.
18/02/2000XA-TQUat Mexico City in full Aeromexico c/s.
27/01/2003N703AMbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; opb Aeromexico on lease.
28/01/2003N703AMrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
24/10/2007N458JSregistration reserved by Eos Airlines.
00/00/2008N703AMret lessor.
01/03/2008N703AMferried Mexico City-Phoenix as AMX895 in basic Aeromexico c/s without titles; with blended winglets.
04/03/2008N703AMlt Eos Airlines; ferried Phoenix-Mexico City as ESS9117.
26/04/2008N703AMEos Airlines filed for Chapter 11.
27/04/2008N703AMEos Airlines stopped operations.
14/05/2008N703AMat Mexico City; stored.
10/06/2008N703AMat Mexico City; stored.
19/09/2008N703AMregistration cancelled.
19/09/2008LY-FLAlt Flylal Charters.
23/09/2008LY-FLAferried Mexico City-Keflavik-Vilnius in all white c/s with "Flylal" titles (arrived 24/09/2008).
17/01/2009LY-FLAFlylal Lithuanian Airlines ceased operations; Flylal Charters continues to operate.
19/01/2009LY-FLAferried Dubai-Tallinn.
29/04/2009LY-FLAat Vilnius with "Scat" titles.
00/04/2009LY-FLAsub-lt Scat.
22/05/2009LY-FLAat Palma in all white c/s with "Scat" titles, blue engine cowlings and Scat tail logo.
00/08/2009LY-FLAret Flylal Charters.
28/08/2009LY-FLAat Palma in all white c/s without titles (removed after 14/08/2009).
29/12/2009LY-FLAsub-lt Scat; ferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Shimkent.
07/05/2010LY-FLAat Vilnius in all white c/s.
22/07/2010LY-FLAFlylal Charters renamed Small Planet Airlines.
05/10/2010LY-FLAferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Istanbul.
17/12/2010LY-FLAat Istanbul in all white c/s.
00/00/0000LY-FLAlease to GMG Airlines not taken up.
07/03/2011LY-FLAret lessor; ferried Istanbul-Brussels.
26/03/2011VQ-BKMlt Nordwind Airlines; ferried Brussels-Istanbul in all white c/s.
28/04/2011VQ-BKMferried Istanbul-Moscow/Sheremetyevo; after repaint.
26/11/2014VQ-BKMret lessor; ferried Moscow-Keflavik-Goodyear; for storage.
18/12/2014N757QMbt Aero Micronesia Inc. (dba Asia Pacific Airlines).
19/12/2014N757QMrgd to Aero Micronesia Inc., Danville, CA.
09/06/2015N757QMperformed local test flight at Goodyear after conversion to freighter.
29/06/2015N757QMat Goodyear in full Asia Pacific Airlines c/s with "Asia Pacific Airlines" titles.
14/08/2015N757QMferried Goodyear-Ontario-Honolulu.
27/07/2019N757QMferried Honolulu/HNL-Kansas City/MCI as MGE900; for maintenance.
28/09/2019N757QMferried Kansas City/MCI-San Antonio/SKF as MGE900; for repaint.
16/10/2020N757QMat Los Angeles with "Asia Pacific" titles (applied after 11/03/2019).
Marcel van Noordenne

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