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Line number0680
Type223 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode S151E8C
05/06/1995N605AAroll out.
19/06/1995N605AAfirst flight.
28/06/1995N605AAdel & rgd to American Airlines; '5DY.
00/06/1995N605AAfirst service: ?-?
15/08/2007N605AAat San Juan with blended winglets (installed after 15/01/2007).
09/12/2013N605AAAmerican Airlines merged with US Airways into American Airlines.
18/02/2015N605AAlast service: Los Angeles-Dallas/Fort Worth as AAL2459.
19/02/2015N605AAferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Roswell as AAL9632; for storage.
03/04/2017N605AArgd to Jetran LLC, Horseshoe Bay, TX.
25/04/2018N605AArgd to Texas Aviation Group LLC.
21/02/2019N605AAferried Roswell/ROW-Goodyear/GYR under registration; for conversion to freighter.
13/10/2020N605AAat Goodyer/GYR in full Olympus Airways c/s and registration SX-AQE on fuselage.
12/11/2020N605AAat Goodyear/GYR without Olympus titles and white tail c/s; now wearing registration N605AA again.
00/11/2020SX-AQEOlympus Airways - not taken up?
13/12/2020N605AAat Goodyear/GYR in all white c/s; missing left engine.
22/02/2021N605AAregistration cancelled.
26/02/2021VQ-BCBferried Goodyear/GYR-Bangor/BGR-Moscow/VKO as JTN356 (arrived 27/02/2021); on delivery to Aviastar-Tu Airlines.
29/07/2021VQ-BCBat Tokyo/NRT with Aviastar-Tu titles (applied after 30/04/2021).
00/03/2022VQ-BCBregistration cancelled.
00/03/2002RA-73356Aviastar-Tu Airlines; re-rgd.

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