Line number0517
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S40050F
09/12/1992G-BYAGroll out.
11/01/1993G-BYAGfirst flight.
22/01/1993G-BYAGdel Britannia Airways.
23/01/1993G-BYAGarr London/Luton as BAL757A on ferry flight from U.S.A.
29/01/1993G-BYAGfirst service: London/Luton-Lyons.
14/09/1999G-BYAGflight BAL226A took off from Cardiff at 20.40 hours for a non-scheduled flight to Gerona; weather at Gerona was poor (rain storm); on reportedly the second attempt to land on Runway 20, the aircraft skidded off the runway at about half way and continued slightly downhill about 500 meters into a field; the landing gear and engines separated during the slide; the aircraft came to a rest, broken in 3 parts; crew: 9, passengers: 236 (it happened just before midnight); a few days later one passenger died in his hotel having left hospital only days earlier.
14/10/1999G-BYAGregistration cancelled.

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