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Line number0440
Type204 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S800728
Name"Vision X"
24/02/1992G-BYACroll out.
20/03/1992G-BYACfirst flight.
10/04/1992G-BYACdel Britannia Airways.
10/04/1992G-BYACbt Boullioun Aviation Services; opb Britannia Airways on lease.
11/04/1992G-BYACarr London/Luton as BAL757 on ferry flight from U.S.A.
17/04/1992G-BYACfirst service: London/Luton-Lyons.
22/03/1997G-BYAClast service: Salzburg-London/Luton; ret Boulllioun Aviation Services.
10/04/1997TC-ARAlt Istanbul Airlines.
11/04/1997G-BYACregistration cancelled.
11/04/1997TC-ARAferried London/Luton-London/Stansted; for repaint.
27/04/1997TC-ARAat Hamburg in full Istanbul Airlines c/s.
20/03/1999TC-ARAret Boullioun Aviation Services.
29/03/1999N512NArgd to First Security Bank of Utah.
30/03/1999N512NAat Victorville; still wearing registration TC-ARA; for National Airlines.
04/04/1999N512NAat Victorville in full National Airlines c/s without a registration and '512' on nose wheel door.
24/04/1999N512NAlt National Airlines; '512'.
06/11/2002N512NANational Airlines ceased operations.
07/11/2002N512NAret Boullioun Aviation Services; ferried Las Vegas-Everett.
00/00/2003N512NAto be converted to freighter vy Goodrich at Everett.
17/06/2003N512NAat Everett in bare metal c/s; only part of tail still in National Airlines c/s.
06/10/2004N512NAbt Bouliion Portfolio Finance III LLC (from Wells Fargo Bank Northwest).
06/10/2004N512NAbt Boullioun Aircraft Holding Company Inc.
06/10/2004N512NAbt Bellevue Coastal Leasing LLC.
02/11/2004N512NArgd to Bellevue Coastal Leasing LLC, Bellevue, WA.
05/02/2005N512NAat Everett.
10/03/2005N512NAbt Erickson Aviation LLC.
02/05/2005N512NAat Everett on BF Goodrich ramp.
09/06/2005N512NAat Everett with "Precision Conversions" titles on fuselage and still with National Airlines tail c/s.
24/07/2005N512NAat Everett; still with National Airlines tail c/s.
00/08/2005N512NAbt Erickson Aviation.
28/08/2005N512NAat Everett without engines.
22/11/2005N512NArgd to Erickson Aviation LLC, Beaverton, OR.
04/12/2005N512NAat Everett in bare metal c/s; still with National Airlines tail c/s.
24/03/2006N512NAregistration cancelled.
28/03/2006TF-CIBrgd to Erickson Aviation LLC, Beaverton, OR.
00/03/2006TF-CIBlt Icelandair.
31/03/2006TF-CIBferried Everett-Keflavik as ICE700 in Icelandair c/s with "Icelandair Cargo" titles (arrived 01/04/2006).
24/05/2006TF-CIBsub-lt Cygnus Air; ferried Keflavik-Madrid as RGN9063.
00/00/2006TF-CIBret Icelandair.
23/01/2012TF-CIBarr Shannon for repaint.
30/01/2012TF-CIBr/o at Shannon in all white c/s.
31/01/2012TF-CIBferried Shannon-Keflavik in all white c/s.
14/03/2012TF-CIBperformed flight Keflavik-New York/JFK as ICE781; ferried New York/JFK-Jacksonville/VQQ as ICE8700.
12/04/2012N226EArgd to Erickson Aviation LLC, Beaverton, OR.
07/06/2012N226EAbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
15/06/2012N226EArgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
10/07/2012N226EAferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Brussels-Bahrain in full Blue Dart Aviation c/s (arrived 12/07/2012).
12/07/2012VT-BDOrgd to DHL Aviation (Netherlands) B.V., Amsterdam.
13/07/2012N226EAregistration cancelled.
13/07/2012VT-BDOlt Blue Dart Aviation.
02/10/2012VT-BDOat Bangalore; named "Vision X".
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