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Line number0608
Type2K2 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S406735
01/03/1994PH-TKCroll out.
30/03/1994PH-TKCfirst flight.
12/04/1994PH-TKCdel Transavia Airlines with special orange 'world cup' stickers.
13/04/1994PH-TKCferried Boeing Field-Amsterdam.
21/04/1994PH-TKCrgd to Transavia Airlines.
00/12/1994PH-TKCspecial orange 'world cup' stickers removed.
00/00/1995PH-TKCr/o at Amsterdam in all white c/s with small "Transavia" titles.
11/02/1995PH-TKCat Amsterdam in all white c/s with small "Transavia" titles.
00/03/1995PH-TKCat Amsterdam in all white c/s with new Transavia logo in tail.
31/03/1995PH-TKCr/o at Amsterdam in full 2005 Transavia Airlines c/s.
24/12/1997PH-TKCjust before midnight while landing on runway 19R at Amsterdam, the aircraft (flight TRA462 from Las Palmas) was hit by a gust, after which it landed hard on the runway; on this landing the nose gear collapsed after which the aircraft skidded over the runway towards the end where it veered off to the right and came to a stop in the grass; 4 of the 208 passengers were slightly injured; among the 8 crew members were no injuries.
00/00/1998PH-TKCat Amsterdam; undergoing repairs following accident.
11/04/1998PH-TKCperformed a local test flight at Amsterdam.
18/04/1998PH-TKCret to service.
04/04/2003PH-TKCbt AFS Investments IVX LLC; opb Transavia Airlines on lease.
26/10/2003PH-TKClast service: Palma-Amsterdam as TRA2126.
29/10/2003PH-TKCret to lessor; ferried Amsterdam-Shannon as TRA055.
17/11/2003PH-TKCregistration cancelled.
18/11/2003N512TZrgd to AFS Investments IX LLC, Stamford, CT.
01/12/2003N512TZat Dublin.
19/12/2003N512TZferried Shannon-Indianapolis in all white c/s without titles.
00/12/2003N512TZlt ATA Airlines.
31/10/2004N512TZret AFS Investments IX LLC.
22/01/2005N512TZat Goodyear in full Axis Airways c/s; wearing registration F-HAXY.
05/02/2005N512TZat Gooyear with registration N512TZ taped over registration F-HAXY.
11/02/2005N512TZferried Goodyear-Phoenix.
12/02/2005N512TZferried Tucson-Gander-Southend as GCC635 (arrived 13/02/2005).
01/03/2005N512TZat Southend.
05/04/2005N512TZat Southend with extra "Axis" titles on rear fuselage (applied after 22/03/2005).
18/04/2005N512TZregistration cancelled.
18/04/2005F-HAXYlt Axis Airways.
00/10/2006F-HAXYAxis Airways filed for bankruptcy.
00/11/2006F-HAXYret to lessor.
22/04/2007F-HAXYat Nimes in full Axis Airways; stored.
24/08/2007N635GSbt & rgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest (from Celestial Tradind 28 Ltd.).
03/09/2007N635GSferried Nimes-Sal; opb OceanAir.
00/09/2007N635GSat Bogota; for maintenance.
00/11/2007PR-ONFregistration reserved.
11/11/2007N635GSat Bogota in full OceanAir c/s; wearing registration PR-ONF.
29/11/2007N635GSregistration cancelled.
00/11/2007PR-ONFlt OceanAir.
03/12/2007PR-ONFferried Bogota-Quito.
00/03/2008PR-ONFret to lessor.
00/05/2008PR-ONFat Porto Alegre; stored.
17/10/2008PR-ONFferried Porto Alegre-Sao Paulo-Bogota.
00/10/2008PR-ONFlt Avianca Colombia.
02/12/2008N635AVrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
26/12/2008N635AVat Santiago; in service.
06/02/2010N635AVat Bogota; being repainted in Aerogal c/s.
19/03/2010HC-CIYlt Aerogal; ferried Bogota-Quito.
24/03/2010N635AVregistration cancelled.
00/05/2012HC-CIYret to lessor.
05/05/2012HC-CIYferried Bogota-Halifax-Southend as SXI1238 in full Aerogal c/s (arrived 06/05/2012).
30/05/2012G-LSANlt & rgd to Jet2.
21/07/2012G-LSANferried Southend-Lasham in full Aerogal c/s; for repaint.
01/08/2012G-LSANferried Norwich-Southend as EXS052H in 'Jet2 Holidays' c/s with "Jet2 Holidays" and
"Package Holidays you can Trust" titles.
20/03/2020G-LSANlast service: Lanzarote/ACE-Manchester/MAN as EXS892.
21/03/2020G-LSANferried Manchester/MAN-Norwich/NWI as EXS031E; for repaint.
11/04/2020G-LSANferried Norwich/NWI-Manchester/MAN as EXS51; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
21/08/2020G-LSANret to service: Manchester/MAN-Corfu/CFU as EXS951.
23/09/2020G-LSANlast service: Antalya/AYT-Manchester/MAN as EXS896.
03/11/2020G-LSANferried Manchester/MAN-Murcia/RMU as EXS031E; for storage.
10/04/2021G-LSANferried Murcia/RMU-Manchester/MAN as EXS030F; for maintenance before returning to service.
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