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Line number0519
Type2K2 Combi
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SC87F00
ConfigurationVIP/Military Transport
16/12/1992PH-TKAroll out in primer c/s.
22/01/1993PH-TKAfirst flight.
22/02/1993PH-TKAdel Transavia Airlines.
00/00/1994PH-TKAspecial orange 'world cup' stickers applied.
00/00/1994PH-TKAspecial orange 'world cup' stickers removed.
27/11/1995PH-TKAr/o at Amsterdam in 1995 Transavia Airlines c/s.
16/03/2003PH-TKAlast service: Palma-Amsterdam as TRA6126.
17/03/2003PH-TKAferried Amsterdam-Bristol as TRA051; for repaint.
24/03/2003PH-TKAferried Bristol-Shannon as TRA051 in full Royal New Zealand Air Force c/s with registration NZ7571 taped over; for C-check.
07/04/2003PH-TKAferried Shannon-London/Stansted-Lasham.
08/04/2003PH-TKAregistration cancelled.
08/04/2003NZ7571ferried Lasham-Brize Norton.
13/04/2003NZ7571ferried Brize Norton-Saint Johns.
14/04/2003NZ7571damaged by snow plough at Saint Johns.
00/04/2003NZ7571ferried Saint Johns-Seattle; for repaint after repairs.
07/05/2003NZ7571arr Wellington on ferry flight from Seattle via Honolulu and Rarotonga as Kiwi 244.
25/06/2008NZ7571side cargo door installed at Mobile.
31/03/2012NZ7571at Ohakea with '75th anniversary' titles on fuselage and tail.
Marcel van Noordenne

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