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Line number0671
Type2G5 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S780F22
31/03/1996D-AMUQroll out.
14/04/1996D-AMUQfirst flight.
26/04/1996D-AMUQdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
26/04/1996D-AMUQlt LTU Sud.
27/04/1996D-AMUQarr Bremen; for repaint.
08/05/1996D-AMUQdep Bremen in full LTU Sud c/s.
01/11/1997D-AMUQcompany merged in LTU International Airways.
02/04/2000D-AMUQr/o in basic JMC Airlines c/s without titles and tail logo; has small 'operated by LTU' sticker.
23/04/2000D-AMUQlast service: Palma-Munich.
23/04/2000D-AMUQret International Lease Finance Corporation; ferried Munich-Bangor-Fayetteville; for maintenance.
24/04/2000G-JMCGlt JMC Airlines; rgd to Flying Colours Airlines Ltd.
01/06/2000G-JMCGferried Fayetteville-Manchester as JMC757P.
23/07/2000G-JMCGat Manchester in full JMC Airlines c/s (titles and tail logo applied after 25/04/2000).
01/03/2003G-JMCGoperational name change to Thomas Cook Airlines.
03/04/2003G-JMCGrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
13/03/2003G-JMCGat Lanzarote in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s (repainted after 05/01/2003).
23/11/2003G-JMCGlast service: Antalya-Manchester as TCX787L.
26/11/2003G-JMCGregistration cancelled.
27/11/2003at Manchester; "Thomas Cook" titles being removed.
28/11/2003SX-BLVr/o at Manchester in basic Thomas Cook Airlines c/s with "Air Scotland" titles and small "operated by Greece Airways" titles.
00/11/2003SX-BLVsub-lt Air Scotland in basic Thomas Cook Airlines c/s with "Air Scotland" titles and tail logo.
03/12/2003SX-BLVferried Manchester-Glasgow.
29/04/2004SX-BLVret Thomas Cook Airlines.
30/04/2004G-JMCGrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
01/05/2004G-JMCGat Glasgow in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s; only missing tail logo.
18/09/2004G-JMCGat Palma in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s (tail logo applied after 12/06/2004).
15/12/2010G-JMCGregistration cancelled.
15/12/2010C-GJZDsub-lt & rgd to Jazz Air LP (Air Canada Jazz).
16/12/2010C-GJZDferried Manchester-Toronto.
04/04/2011C-GJZDferried Toronto-Manchester as JZA3984 (arrived 05/04/2011).
00/04/2011C-GJZDret Thomas Cook Airlines.
06/04/2011C-GJZDregistration cancelled.
06/04/2011G-JMCGrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd.
02/11/2011G-JMCGferried Manchester-Abu Dhabi; for maintenance.
14/12/2011G-JMCGferried Abu Dhabi-Manchester; after maintenance.
15/12/2011G-JMCGregistration cancelled.
15/12/2011C-GJZDsub-lt & rgd to Jazz Air LP (Air Canada Jazz); ferried Manchester-Toronto in Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
28/04/2012C-GJCDferried Toronto-Manchester as JZA3984.
00/04/2012C-GJZDret Thomas Cook Airlines.
30/04/2012C-GJZDregistration cancelled.
30/04/2012G-JMCGrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd.
22/11/2013G-JMCGat Manchester with new tail logo (yellow heart; applied after 26/08/2013).
28/12/2014G-JMCGlast service: Turin-London/Gatwick as TCX1043.
29/12/2014G-JMCGferried London/Gatwick-Lasham as TCX123M; for storage.
09/03/2015G-JMCGferried Lasham-London/Gatwick as TCX757T.
10/03/2015G-JMCGferried London/Gatwick-Lasham as TCX752M.
18/04/2015G-JMCGferried Lasham-Dubai/DWC-Singapore/Seletar as TCX977/TCX977M (arrived 19/04/2015).
20/04/2015G-JMCGregistration cancelled.
20/04/2015N167CRrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
18/06/2015N167CRferried Singapore/Seletar-Guam-Honolulu-Goodyear (arrived 20/06/2015); for conversion to freighter.
30/10/2015N167CRat Goodyear in full SF Airlines c/s; wearing registration B-7342.
12/11/2015N167CRperformed test flight: Goodyear-Tucson-Goodyear under registration; after conversion to freighter.
16/11/2015N167CRregistration cancelled.
00/11/2015B-7342lt SF Airlines.
21/11/2015B-7342ferried Goodyear/GYR-Honolulu/HNL-Guam/GUM?-Shenzhen/SZX in full SF Airlines c/s (arrived 27/11/2015).
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