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Line number0658
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD9E27
22/12/1994N750NAroll out.
17/01/1995N750NAfirst flight.
27/01/1995N750NAdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
27/01/1995N750NAlt North American Airlines; named "Lisa Caroline".
13/09/2000N750NAat Long Beach in basic North American Airlines c/s with "Bush-Cheney 2000" titles.
00/00/2000N750NArepainted with "North American" titles (after 25/10/2000).
07/04/2005N750NAat Phoenix; named "Deidre Stiehm".
13/02/2011N750NAsub-lt WestJet in all white c/s with "WestJet" titles; ferried Goodyear-Calgary.
01/05/2011N750NAret North American Airlines; ferried Edmonton-Goodyear.
23/11/2011N750NAat New York/JFK in full North American Airlines c/s; only missing tail logo.
26/11/2011N750NAat Goodyear; parked.
14/02/2012N750NAat Goodyear; stored.
08/03/2012N750NAlease rejected.
13/04/2012N750NArepossessed International Lease Finance Corporation.
17/04/2012N750NAbt Federal Express Corporation.
26/04/2012N750NArgd to Federal Express Corporation.
13/09/2012N971FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
19/09/2012N750NAferried Victorville-Anchorage-Fairbanks-Sapporo-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9089 (arrived 23/09/2012) in basic North American Airlines c/s without titles and tail logo.
10/10/2012N971FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
00/01/2013N971FDconversion to freighter completed.
26/01/2013N971FDat Singapore/XSP in full FedEx c/s; ' 971'; named "Darcy".
31/01/2013N971FDferried Singpore/XSP-Osaka/KIX-Anchorage/ANC-Memphis/MEM as FDX9088 (arrived 01/02/2013).

Marcel van Noordenne

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