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Line number0704
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S800B05
Name"Vision XI"
27/02/1996TF-FIKroll out.
07/03/1996TF-FIKfirst flight.
15/03/1996TF-FIKdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
15/03/1996TF-FIKlt Icelandair; named "Sóldis".
00/03/2002TF-FIKat Faro with extra "" titles on fuselage.
24/01/2004TF-FIKr/o at Eindhoven in 1999 Icelandair c/s without titles and tail logo.
27/03/2004TF-FIKat Amsterdam; still without titles and tail logo.
10/07/2004TF-FIKat Zurich with "Icelandair" titles but without logo (titles applied after 02/07/2004).
04/09/2004TF-FIKat Amsterdam in full Icelandair c/s (tail logo applied after 07/08/2004).
09/02/2007TF-FIKferried Keflavik-Norwich as ICE6050; for repaint.
19/02/2007TF-FIKferried Norwich-Keflavik in full Flyglobespan c/s.
00/03/2007TF-FIKret International Lease Finance Corporation.
23/03/2007G-CEJMlt & rgd to Flyglobespan; ferried Keflavik-Glasgow as GSM099JM (arrived 24/03/2007).
24/03/2007G-CEJMin service: Glasgow-Bangor-Orlando/Sanford as GSM725.
14/04/2007G-CEJMat Glasgow with white tail c/s, a John Lennon drawing and "Liverpool John Lennon Airport - above us only sky" titles (repainted after 08/04/2007).
00/10/2007G-CEJMat Lasham; for maintenance.
00/10/2007G-CEJMat Lasham; missing right engine.
27/11/2007G-CEJMat Lasham; stored.
18/12/2007G-CEJMferried Lasham-Glasgow as GSM757P.
21/12/2007G-CEJMin service: Glasgow-Orlando/Sanford as 725.
05/05/2008G-CEJMferried Abu Dhabi-Glasgow; after maintenance?
25/03/2009G-CEJMlast service: Orlando/Sanford-Bangor-Glasgow as GSM726 (arrived 26/03/2009).
26/03/2009G-CEJMferried Glasgow-Abu Dhabi as GSM757P; ret International Lease Finance Corporation.
26/05/2009G-CEJMat Abu Dhabi in full Mint Airways c/s.
28/05/2009G-CEJMregistration cancelled.
29/05/2009EC-LBClt Mint Airways; ferried Abu Dhabi-Madrid.
16/07/2009EC-LBCat Lourdes; named "Tato Goya".
03/02/2010EC-LBCat Berlin/Tegel with extra "Camara + Contigo" titles on fuselage; opf Privilege Style.
05/10/2010EC-LBCsub-lt Nas Air; ferried Madrid-Ras al Khaimah; for Hajj operations.
15/12/2010EC-LBCret Mint Airways; ferried Ras al Khaimah-Madrid.
22/01/2011EC-LBCsub-lt PAL Principal Airlines; ferried Madrid-Sal-Recife-Rosario.
13/02/2011EC-LBCret Mint Airways; ferried Porlamar-Madrid.
29/04/2011EC-LBCferried Madrid-Newcastle as MOIC001.
01/05/2011EC-LBCsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines; in service: Newcastle-Enfidha Hammamet as TCX6012.
22/09/2011EC-LBClast service: Arrecife-Newcastle as TCX6019.
23/09/2011EC-LBCret Mint Airways; ferried Newcastle-Madrid as MIC003P.
26/09/2011EC-LBCsub-lt Rak Airways; ferried Madrid-Frankfurt; in service: Frankfurt-Ras al Khaimah.
30/09/2011EC-LBCret Mint Airways.
00/10/2011EC-LBCsub-lt Comtel Air.
25/10/2011EC-LBCat Vienna inside hangar with extra "Comtel Air" titles on fuselage.
14/11/2011EC-LBCaircraft seized at Amritsar due to financial difficulties of Comtel Air.
03/12/2011EC-LBCferried Amritsar-Thessaloniki-Madrid (arrived 04/12/2011).
16/04/2012EC-LBClast service: Iraklion-Nantes as BIE4671; opf Air Mediterranee; ferried Nantes-Madrid as BIE467F.
22/05/2012EC-LBCMint Airways suspended operations.
03/08/2012N391LFrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
05/09/2012N391LFferried Madrid-Bangor-Goodyear (arrived 06/09/2012).
14/12/2012N391LFat Goodyear in full Mint Airways c/s; stored.
22/03/2013N391LFbt Bank of Utah.
22/03/2013N391LFbt AeroTurbine Inc.
22/03/2013N391LFbt Erickson Aviation LLC.
06/06/2013N391LFrgd to Erickson Aviation LLC, Beaverton, OR.
05/01/2014N391LFat Goodyear in full Blue Dart Aviation c/s; named "Visio XI"; conversion to freighter completed.
18/01/2014N391LFferried Goodyear-Bangor-Brussels-Bahrain as SXA1106 (arrived 20/01/2014).
21/01/2014N391LFbt DHL Aviation (Netherlands) B.V.
23/01/2014N391LFregistration cancelled.
23/01/2014VT-BDQlt Blue Dart Aviation.

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