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Line number0672
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S440BC0
07/04/1995N151LFroll out.
21/04/1995N151LFfirst flight.
01/05/1995N151LFdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
01/05/1995EI-CLVlt Transaero Airlines.
03/03/1998EI-CLVregistration cancelled.
03/03/1998N651LFTransaero Airlines; re-rgd.
00/12/1998N651LFsub-lt Royal Nepal Airlines.
19/01/1999N651LFat Bangkok in basic Transaero Airlines c/s with "Royal Nepal Airlines" titles.
00/02/1999N651LFret Transaero Airlines.
15/03/1999N651LFret International Lease Finance Corporation; arr Manchester as TSO9007 in Transaero Airlines c/s with "Royal Nepal Airlines" titles.
15/03/1999N651LFregistration cancelled.
17/03/1999G-FCLIlt & rgd to Flying colours Airlines; ferried Manchester-Shannon; for repaint.
25/03/1999G-FCLIr/o at Shannon in full Flying colours Airlines c/s.
09/04/1999G-FCLIferried Shannon-Manchester.
20/04/1999G-FCLIat Manchester inside Monarch Airlines hangar.
06/12/1999G-FCLIferried London/Gatwick-Manchester in full JMC Airlines c/s.
27/03/2000G-FCLIoperational name change to JMC Airlines c/s.
08/12/2000G-FCLIferried London/Luton-Manchester in basic JMC Airlines c/s with "North American" titles.
13/12/2000G-FCLIsub-lt North American Airlines; ferried Manchester-New York/JFK.
00/00/2001G-FCLIret JMC Airlines.
04/05/2001G-FCLIat Lanzarote in full JMC Airlines c/s (North American titles removed after 28/03/2001).
05/01/2003G-FCLIferried London/Gatwick-Southend as JMC342P; for repaint.
14/01/2003G-FCLIferried Southend-Manchester as JMC42M in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
01/03/2003G-FCLIoperational name change to Thomas Cook Airlines.
03/04/2003G-FCLIrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
04/03/2013G-FCLIsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia; ferried Birmingham-Las Palmas as VKG7361 (arrived 05/03/2013).
05/03/2013G-FCLIin service: Las Palmas-Oulo as VKG7358.
14/04/2013G-FCLIlast service: Tenerife-Oulu as VKG7382; ferried Oulu-Manchester as VKG782P; ret to Thomas Cook Airlines; in service: Manchester-Antalya as TCX2548.
09/12/2014G-FCLIferried Manchester-Calgary as TCX38P; sub-lt WestJet.
26/04/2015G-FCLIret Thomas Cook Airlines; ferried Calgary-Manchester as TCX37F (arrived 27/04/2015).
02/01/2016G-FCLIlast service: Tenerife-Manchester as TCX2385 Thomas Cook Airlines' last 757-200 flight.
04/01/2016G-FCLIferried Manchester-St. Athan as TCX752P; for removal of passenger interior and lease return.
19/03/2016G-FCLIat St. Athan in basic Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
31/03/2016G-FCLIrgd to DHL Air Ltd., Diegem, Belgium.
26/04/2016G-FCLIferried St. Athan-East Midlands as TCX970E.
12/05/2016G-FCLIferried East Midlands-Greensboro/GSO as DHK1F; for conversion to freighter.
13/06/2016G-DHKHDHL Air; re-rgd.
08/02/2017G-DHKHferried Greensboro/GSO-Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK757P; after conversion to freighter; for repaint.
23/05/2017G-DHKHperformed a local test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ as DHK30P.
25/05/2017G-DHKHferried Jacksonville/VQQ-East Midlands as DHK30P.
07/01/2022G-DHKHregistration cancelled.
07/01/2022OE-LNCrgd to DHL Air Austria.
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