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Line number0676
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD7E16
08/05/1995N161LFroll out.
19/05/1995N161LFfirst flight.
06/06/1995N161LFdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
21/06/1995EI-CLUtfd to ILFC Ireland Ltd.
21/06/1995EI-CLUlt Transaero Airlines.
28/04/1996EI-CLUat Frankfurt in full Transaero Airlines c/s.
05/01/1998EI-CLUret ILFC Ireland Ltd.
06/01/1998N751LFtfd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
16/02/1999N751LFregistration cancelled.
16/02/1999G-FCLHlt Flying Colours Airlines.
17/02/1999G-FCLHrgd to Flying Colours Airlines.
08/03/1999G-FCLHferried Manchester-Southend as FCL757P; for repaint.
17/03/1999G-FCLHr/o at Southend in full Flying Colours Airlines; ran off taxiway and became stuck in soft ground while attempting to leave Southend; later ferried Southend-Manchester as FCL757M.
27/03/2000G-FCLHoperational name change to JMC Airlines.
00/00/2000G-FCLHrepainted in full JMC Airlines c/s.
01/03/2003G-FCLHoperational name change to Thomas Cook Airlines.
19/03/2003G-FCLHferried London/Gatwick-Southend as JMC87M; for repaint.
28/03/2003G-FCLHferried Southend-London/Gatwick as JMC971M in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
03/04/2003G-FCLHrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
09/02/2013G-FCLHlast service: Innsbruck-Manchester as TCX2037.
00/02/2013G-FCLHat Manchester; undergoing maintenance prior to lease return.
10/04/2013G-FCLHregistration cancelled.
10/04/2013N968FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
11/04/2013N968FDferried Manchester-Bangor-Mobile as FDX9083 (arrived 12/04/2013).
08/12/2013N968FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
09/12/2013N968FDin service: Memphis-Greenville/Spartanburg as FDX985.
04/12/2014N968FDat Atlanta; named "Taytem".
27/09/2021N968FDferried Paris/CDG-Dubai/DXB-Guangzhou/CAN as FDX9830 (arrived 28/09/2021); for maintenance.
04/11/2021N968FDferried Gungzhou/CAN-Dubai/DBX-Paris/CDG as FDX9831; after maintenance.
Marcel van Noordenne

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