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Line number0597
Type2Q8 F W Combi
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SAA1E08
ConfigurationFreighter (+ up to Y42)
00/00/1993N806AMInternational Lease Finance Corporation - not taken up.
20/12/1993XA-SMMroll out.
22/03/1994XA-SMMfirst flight.
01/04/1994XA-SMMdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
01/04/1994XA-SMMlt Aeromexico.
14/06/1994N806AMAeromexico; re-rgd.
14/06/2006N806AMat Guadalajara in basic Aeromexico c/s without titles and tail logo; with blended winglets (installed after 04/06/2006).
17/06/2006N806AMferried Mexico City-Atlanta; for maintenance.
20/06/2006N806AMferried Atlanta-Southend as AMX835 (arrived 21/06/2006).
22/06/2006N806AMret International Lease Finance Corporation.
22/06/2006N806AMregistration cancelled.
22/06/2006TC-SNClt Sunexpress.
01/07/2006TC-SNCferried Southend-Antalya as SXS063.
00/01/2009TC-SNCarr Atlanta; for maintenance.
19/01/2009TC-SNCferried Atlanta-Cologne as SXS2306 (arrived 20/01/2009).
01/06/2009TC-SNCat Amsterdam with "" titles on left side only, '20 years' sticker below cockpit window and on tail; also wearing extra "Antalya Izmir Istanbul" titles in left forward fuselage and "Istanbul Izmir Antalya" titles on right forward fuselage.
00/11/2010TC-SNCret lessor.
00/03/2011TC-SNCat Tel Aviv in bare c/s.
13/04/2011N566CMbt & rgd to Cargo Aircraft Management Inc.
01/05/2011N566CMferried Tel Aviv-Shannon-Jacksonville/JAX-Jacksonville/VQQ as ATN556 (arrived 02/05/2011) in all bare c/s.
01/10/2011N566CMat Jacksonville/VQQ in all bare c/s.
00/00/2012N566CMconverted to combi.
05/01/2013N566CMperformed local test flight at Jacksonville/VQQ.
05/02/2013N566CMat Jacksonville/VQQ in all white c/s.
15/02/2013N751CXregistration reserved.
23/05/2013N566CMferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Wilmington Air Park, OH.
28/06/2013N751CXlt Air Transport International.
23/08/2014N751CXat Lajes in full Air Transport International c/s.
Marcel van Noordenne

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