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Line number0558
Type2Q8 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SADE96E
00/00/1993N802AMInternational Lease Finance Corporation - not taken up.
14/05/1993XA-SJDroll out.
07/06/1993XA-SJDfirst flight.
18/06/1993XA-SJDdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
18/06/1993XA-SJDlt Aeromexico.
01/06/1994N802AMAeromexico; re-rgd.
27/12/2000N802AMbt MDFC Equipment Leasing Corporation; opb Aeromexico on lease.
07/08/2004N802AMret lessor; ferried Mexico City-Phoenix-Victorville as AMX879 in full Kyrgyz Airways c/s.
19/09/2005N802AMat Victorville in full Kyrgyz Airways c/s; stored.
17/01/2006N802AMat Victorville in all white c/s with "Ariana Afghan Airlines" titles and tail logo.
03/02/2006N802AMlease to Ariana Afghan Airlines (opb Astraeus) - not taken up.
24/02/2006N802AMferried Victorville-Lasham (arrived 25/02/2006).
29/04/2006N802AMat Lasham; parked.
00/06/2006N802AMferried Lasham-St. Nazaire.
25/06/2006N802AMat St. Nazaire in all white c/s with "Ariana Afghan Airlines" titles and tail logo.
00/07/2006F-GTIDrgd to Eagle Aviation SA.
10/07/2006F-GTIDat St. Nazaire in all white c/s with "Ariana Afghan Airlines" titles and tail logo.
14/08/2006F-GTIDat St. Nazaire in all white c/s with "Ariana Afghan Airlines" titles and tail logo.
08/09/2006N802AMregistration cancelled.
13/09/2006F-GTIDrgd to Boeing Capital Leasing Ltd.
10/01/2007F-GTIDin service: Nimes-Marseille as EGN731P.
16/01/2007F-GTIDferried Nimes-Dubai.
01/02/2007F-GTIDat Dubai; reportedly operating for Ariana Afghan Airlines.
14/02/2007F-GTIDoperating Ashgabat-London/Heathrow as AFG001.
27/03/2007F-GTIDat Manchester in all white c/s without titles but still white Ariana Afghan Airlines tail logo; operating flight for Cyprus Airways.
14/04/2007F-GTIDat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in all white c/s (tail logo removed after 08/04/2007).
15/07/2007F-GTIDin service for Gabon Airlines: Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Libreville.
00/10/2007F-GTIDsub-lt Ghana International Airlines.
26/10/2007F-GTIDret Eagle Aviation; ferried Accra-Paris/Charles de Gaulle.
18/03/2008F-GTIDsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines; ferried Jeddah-Humberside as SVA9091.
25/03/2008F-GTIDferried Humberside-Maastricht/Aachen as SVA9092; for repaint.
30/03/2008F-GTIDr/o at Maastricht/Aachen in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s.
31/03/2008F-GTIDferried Maastricht/Aachen-Jeddah.
02/04/2009F-GTIDret Eagle Aviation; ferried Jeddah-St. Nazaire.
27/04/2009F-GTIDret lessor; ferried St. Nazaire-Bangor-Victorville.
30/04/2009N595BCbt & rgd to BCC Equipment Leasing Corporation.
23/05/2009N595BCat Victorville in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s; still wearing registration F-GTID; stored.
26/07/2009N595BCat Victorville in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s; stored.
19/02/2010N595BCat Victorville in full Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s; stored.
15/11/2010N595BCat Victorville in basic Saudi Arabian Airlines c/s; stored.
22/12/2010N595BCbt Federal Express Corporation.
06/01/2011N595BCrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
28/02/2011N595BCferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9068; for conversion to freighter.
31/03/2011N996FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
00/00/2011N996FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
31/05/2011N996FDscheduled start of conversion to freighter.
11/08/2011N996FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
22/12/2011N996FDat Orlando; in service.
07/06/2015N996FDat Norfolk; named "Savannah".
Marcel van Noordenne

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