Line number0902
Type256 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S42459B
04/11/1999EC-HDUroll out.
22/11/1999EC-HDUfirst flight.
07/12/1999EC-HDUdel Iberia; named "Uruguay".
07/12/1999EC-HDUbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management (BBAM); opb Iberia on lease.
00/00/2008EC-HDUret International Lease Finance Corporation.
08/02/2008EC-HDUat Madrid in basic Air Baltic c/s.
07/03/2008EC-HDUat Madrid in Air Baltic c/s without titles.
19/03/2008EC-HDUat Madrid in full Air Baltic c/s.
30/03/2008YL-BDCat Madrid in full Air Baltic c/s.
05/04/2008YL-BDClt Air Baltic; ferried Madrid-Riga.
12/12/2008YL-BDCat Dubai with blended winglets (installed after 30/08/2008).
03/05/2012YL-BDCsub-lt Tonlesap Airlines; ferried Riga-Sharjah in all white c/s with "Tonlesap Airlines" titles and tail logo.
00/00/2012XU-882Tonlesap Airlines; re-rgd.
23/06/2012XU-882at Taoyuan with registration XU-882 (first photo proof).
01/02/2013XU-882at Beijing; in service.
00/00/2013XU-882ret Air Baltic.
11/05/2013YL-BDCat Riga in full Air Baltic c/s.
21/05/2013YL-BDCperformed local test flight at Riga as BTI9891.
24/10/2013YL-BDCferried Riga-Istanbul as BTI9801.
16/01/2014YL-BDCat Riga in full Royal Flight c/s.
00/03/2014YL-BDCret lessor.
16/03/2014VQ-BTMlt Royal Flight; ferried Riga-Moscow/Domodedovo.
19/08/2017VQ-BTMat Barcelona with extra "www.coraltravel.com" titles on forward fuselage (under windows) and "Coral Travel" titles on aft fuselage.
03/11/2019VQ-BTMlast service: Antalya/AYT-Novosibirsk/OVB as ABG8066.
04/11/2019VQ-BTMferried Novosibirsk/OVB-Moscow/DME-Istanbul/SAW as ABG9904/9901 (arrived 05/11/2019).
14/11/2019VQ-BTMferried Istanbul/SAW-Keflavik/KEF-Bangor/BGR as ABG9901/9902.
15/11/2019VQ-BTMferried Bangor/BGR-Goodyear/GYR as ABG9902; for lease return and storage.
06/03/2020VQ-BTMat Goodyear/GYR in Royal Flight c/s without titles and tail logo; missing both engines.
05/03/2021VQ-BTMat Goodyear/GYR; missing both engines, all doors, radome, tail rudder and all usable parts of the wings.
00/00/2021 ?VQ-BTMscrapping completed.

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