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Line number0900
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S3412D3
Name"Milagros Diaz"
25/10/1999EC-HDSroll out.
18/11/1999EC-HDSfirst flight.
02/12/1999EC-HDSdel Iberia; named "Paraguay".
02/12/1999EC-HDSbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management (BBAM); opb Iberia on lease.
00/00/2007EC-HDSret International Lease Finance Corporation.
25/07/2007EC-HDSat Madrid in full Privilege Style c/s; to operate without titles and tail logo; named "Milagros Diaz"; performing local test flight.
00/07/2007EC-HDSlt Privilege Style.
04/08/2007EC-HDSat Lisbon with "Real Madrid" titles.
24/08/2007EC-HDSat Tenerife without titles (removed after 05/08/2007).
10/09/2007EC-HDSat Tenerife with "Pyrenair" titles.
15/09/2007EC-HDSat Valladolid without titles.
00/09/2007EC-HDSat Palma with "Valencia C.F." titles (applied after 16/09/2007).
14/10/2007EC-HDSat Prague without titles.
28/11/2007EC-HDSat Beijing with "Portugal 2007" titles (applied after 23/11/2007).
22/12/2007EC-HDSat Berlin/Tegel without titles.
04/02/2008EC-HDSat Nuremburg wit 'Turismo de Aragon' sticker on aft fuselage (applied after 11/01/2008).
23/04/2008EC-HDSat Valladolid without sticker (removed after 31/03/2008).
04/06/2008EC-HDSat Edinburgh with "Seleccion Espanola de Futbol" titles (applied after 31/05/2008).
30/06/2008EC-HDSat Vienna with "Campeones" titles (applied after 00/06/2008).
15/07/2008EC-HDSat Paris/Orly without titles (removed after 02/07/2008).
12/08/2008EC-HDSat Dusseldorf with "Atletico de Madrid" titles (applied after 00/08/2008).
29/08/2008EC-HDSat Oporto without titles.
01/10/2008EC-HDSat Istanbul with "Real Madrid" titles (applied after 13/09/2008).
13/10/2008EC-HDSat Brussels with "Seleccion Futbol Espanol" titles (applied after 03/10/2008).
28/09/2009EC-HDSat Glasgow with "Sevilla Futbol Club, SAD" titles.
00/10/2009EC-HDSat Tenerife with "Windows 7" titles.
30/10/2009EC-HDSat Madrid with "Gracias, Banesto" titles.
22/02/2010EC-HDSat Santiago with "F.C. Barcelona" titles.
03/03/2010EC-HDSat Santiago with "F.C. Barcelona" titles.
22/03/2010EC-HDSat Madrid with "M S C Cruceros" titles.
12/05/2010EC-HDSat Hamburg with "Atletico de Madrid" titles.
18/05/2010EC-HDSat Seville with "Sevilla Futbol Club, SAD" titles.
00/06/2010EC-HDSat Copenhagen with "Sevilla Futbol Club, SAD" titles and "Andalusia" titles on aft fuselage.
11/06/2010EC-HDSat Santander without titles.
01/09/2010EC-HDSat Salzburg with "VW Nutzfahrzeuge - Amarok Caddy" titles.
23/12/2010EC-HDSat Madrid with "PAL" titles.
27/12/2010EC-HDSsub-lt PAL Principal Airlines; ferried Madrid-Recife-Cordoba (arrived 28/12/2010).
05/04/2011EC-HDSret Privilege Style; ferried Cordoba-Recife-Madrid (arrived 06/04/2011).
15/04/2011EC-HDSat Treviso with "Cajasol" titles (applied after 06/04/2011).
29/04/2011EC-HDSat Rome/Fiumicino without titles (removed after 28/04/2011).
18/05/2011EC-HDSat Dublin with large red "MBA" titles.
20/07/2013EC-HDSferried Madrid-Manchester as PVG3P.
21/07/2013EC-HDSsub-lt Jet2; in service: Manchester-Malaga as EXS809.
13/10/2013EC-HDSlast service: Paphos-Manchester as EXS938; ret Privilege Style.
14/10/2013EC-HDSferried Manchester-Madrid as PVG1P.
19/08/2014EC-HDSat Bremen with 'Atletic Club Bilbao' sticker.
26/08/2014EC-HDSat Bremen without sticker (removed after 23/08/2014).
03/08/2015EC-HDSat Newcastle with Sevilla Futbol Club logo 'sticker'.
08/08/2015EC-HDSat Basel with "Sevilla Futbol Club" titles on forward fuselage and "Andalucia" titles on aft fuselage.
22/08/2015EC-HDSat Madrid with "Flynas" titles.
23/08/2015EC-HDSsub-lt Flynas; ferried Madrid-Medina; for Hajj operations.
14/09/2015EC-HDSat Almaty with "Flynas" titles.
03/12/2016EC-HDSat Barcelona with 'Santa and Reindeer' decals on fuselage (applied after 27/11/2016).
21/01/2017EC-HDSat La Coruna without decals (removed after 08/01/2017).
24/02/2017EC-HDSat Dublin with "Villarreal Club de Futbol" titles (applied after 18/02/2017).
17/03/2017EC-HDSat Madrid without titles (removed after 26/02/2017).
20/04/3017EC-HDSat Liege with "RC Celta" titles (applied after 16/04/2017).
14/05/2019EC-HDSsub-lt Icelandair; ferried Madrid/MAD-Keflavik/KEF as ICE8595.
31/10/2019EC-HDSret Privilege Style.
17/04/2021EC-HDSat Funchal/FNC with "F.C. Porto" titles.
10/12/2021EC-HDSat Glasgow/GLA with "Real Betis Balompie" titles.
00/00/2022EC-HDSopf Cabo Verde Airlines, TUI Airways and Condor.
04/10/2023EC-HDSlast service: Seville/SVQ-Madrid/MAD as PVG723.
07/10/2023EC-HDSferried Madrid/MAD-Knock/NOC as PVG001F; for part out and scrapping.
00/01/2024EC-HDSat Knock/NOC; missing both engines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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