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Line number0897
Type256 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SC00642
07/10/1999EC-HDRroll out.
25/10/1999EC-HDRfirst flight.
12/11/1999EC-HDRdel Iberia.
12/11/1999EC-HDRbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management (BBAM); opb Iberia on lease.
10/02/2000EC-HDRat Paris/Charles de Gaulle; named "Puente Aereo Madrid-Barcelona" on left side and "Ponti-Aeri Barcelona-Madrid" on right side.
07/03/2008EC-HDRat Madrid; still in service.
00/00/2008EC-HDRret International Lease Finance Corporation.
17/04/2008YL-BDBat Madrid in full Air Baltic c/s; awaiting delivery.
00/04/2008YL-BDBlt Air Baltic.
11/01/2009YL-BDBat Milan/Malpensa with blended winglets (installed after 24/10/2009).
00/12/2011XU-TSCsub-lt Tonlesap Airlines.
22/12/2011XU-TSCat Incheon with "Tonlesap" titles and Air Baltic tail c/s; in service.
00/05/2012XU-TSCsub-lt Palau Airways.
06/05/2012XU-TSCat Taipei in full Palau Airways c/s.
00/10/2012XU-TSCret Tonlesap Airways.
13/12/2012XU-TSCat Kuala Lumpur in Palau Airways c/s with "BB Airways - operated by Tonlesap Airlines" titles below the "Tonlesap Airlines" titles.
00/05/2013XU-TSCret Air Baltic.
08/05/2013XU-TSCferried Sharjah-Istanbul.
23/06/2013YL-BDBsub-lt Aegean Airlines in full Air Baltic c/s; ferried Istanbul-Iraklion as AEE4113; in service: Iraklion-Paris/Charles de Gaulle.
29/09/2013YL-BDBret Air Baltic; ferried Iraklion-Istanbul.
18/10/2013YL-BDBat Istanbul in full Royal Flight c/s.
25/10/2013YL-BDBferried Istanbul-Riga.
00/00/2014YL-BDBret International Lease Finance Corporation.
15/02/2014VQ-BTNlt Royal Flight; ferried Riga-Antalya; opb Abakan-Avia.
16/07/2017VQ-BTNat Moscow/Sheremeteyvo with extra "coraltravel" titles on aft fuselage below windows and "" titles on forward fuselage below windows (applied after 29/06/2017).
22/10/2019VQ-BTNlast service: Djerba/DJE-Moscow/DME as ABG7512; ferried Moscow/DME-Istanbul/SAW as ABG9001; for maintenance before lease return?
31/10/2019VQ-BTNferried Istanbul/SAW-Keflavik/KEF-Bangor/BGR as ABG9001/9002.
01/11/2019VQ-BTNferried Bangor/BGR-Goodyear/GYR as ABG9002; for lease return and storage.
31/12/2020N260ASrgd to Aersale, Coral Gables, FL.
05/03/2021N260ASat Goodyear/GYR in white fuselage c/s and red tail c/s; no titles and no logo; still wearing registration VQ-BTN.
19/06/2021N260ASat Goodyear/GYR in white fuselage c/s and red tail c/s; no titles and no logo; missing both engines; still wearing registration VQ-BTN.
00/06/2022N260ASconversion to freighter completed.
28/06/2022N260ASperformed a local test flight at Goodyear/GYR as OMD237 in full Cargojet Airways c/s.
06/07/2022N260ASferried Goodyear/GYR-Hamilton/YHM as ELX260.
08/07/2022N260ASregistration cancelled.
08/07/2022C-FCJPrgd to Cargojet Airways Ltd.; '513'.
12/07/2022C-FCJPentered service: Hamilton/YHM-Calgary/YYC-Vancouver/YVR as CJT8583.
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