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Line number0860
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC27A
10/03/1999N1795Broll out.
06/04/1999N1795Bfirst flight.
11/04/1999EC-GZYr/o at Boeing Field in full Iberia c/s.
30/04/1999EC-GZYdel Iberia; named "Santo Domingo".
30/04/1999EC-GZYbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management (BBAM); opb Iberia on lease.
00/00/2004EC-GZYret Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management.
30/08/2004EC-GZYat Madrid in full Varig c/s.
04/09/2004PP-VTQlt Varig; ferried Madrid-Sal-Rio de Janeiro as VRG9961.
18/07/2006PP-VTQret Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management.
24/08/2006N241LFrgd to International Lease Finance Corporation.
02/09/2006N241LFat Miami.
29/09/2006N241LFat Miami in full AirUnion c/s with small "Kras Air" tittles below the "AirUnion" titles.
13/11/2006N241LFregistration cancelled.
16/11/2006EI-DUArgd to ILFC Ireland Ltd.
27/11/2006EI-DUAferried Miami-Dublin (arrived 28/11/2006).
01/12/2006EI-DUAferried Dublin-Krasnoyarsk as KJC2273.
30/12/2006EI-DUAat Karlsruhe; in service.
01/11/2008EI-DUAKras Air suspended operations.
09/04/2009EI-DUAferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Shannon in AirUnion c/s.
16/04/2009EI-DUAferried Shannon-Toronto.
00/00/2009EI-DUAferried Toronto-Miami.
03/06/2009EI-DUAat Miami.
17/10/2009EI-DUAat Miami in full I-Fly c/s.
14/12/2009EI-DUAlt I-Fly; ferried Miami-Gander-Moscow/Vnukovo (arrived 15/12/2009).
30/09/2015EI-DUAlast service: Antalya-Mineralnye as RSY7758 and Mineralnye-Moscow/Vnukovo as RSY7757; ferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Keflavik as RSY9757; for Icelandair.
22/10/2015EI-DUAregistration cancelled.
00/10/2015TF-ISVlt Icelandair.
20/12/2015TF-ISVferried Keflavik-Norwich as ICE6050; for repaint.
31/12/2015TF-ISVferried Norwich-Keflavik as ICE6051 in full Icelandair c/s; named "Grábrók".
00/01/2016TF-ISVferried Keflavik-Hamilton as ICE60__; for installation of blended winglets.
12/02/2016TF-ISVferried Hamilton-Keflavik as ICE6042 with blended winglets (arrived 13/02/2016).
05/06/2016TF-ISVat Brussels with extra "Official Airline of the Icelandic National Team" titles (Applied after 31/05/2016).
21/07/2016TF-ISVat Bergen without the extra titles.
03/11/2020TF-ISVlast service: Oslo/OSL-Keflavik/KEF as ICE319; parked.
16/11/2020TF-ISVferried Keflavik/KEF-Kelowna/YLW as ICE6081; for maintenance/parking?
22/11/2020TF-ISVferried Kelowna/YLW-Denver/DEN-Roswell/ROW as ICE6070; for winter storage.
06/06/2021TF-ISVferried Roswell/ROW-Keflavik/KEF as ICE6080 (arrived 07/06/2021); for maintenance before returning to service.
23/03/2024TF-ISVlast service: Seattle/EA-Keflavik/KEF as ICE680 (arrived 24/04/2024).
26/03/2024TF-ISVferried Keflavik/KEF-Lleida/ILD as ICE5202; for storage and possible part out and scrapping.
Marcel van Noordenne

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