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Line number0620
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S600826
05/05/1994EC-612roll out.
25/06/1994EC-612at Renton in full Iberia c/s; stored.
22/07/1994EC-612first flight.
04/08/1994EC-612del Iberia; named "Costa Rica".
04/08/1994EC-612bt Mitsubishi Corporation.; opb Iberia on lease.
28/10/1994EC-FYNIberia; re-rgd.
30/09/1999EC-FYNbt CIT Leasing Corporation; opb Iberia on lease.
00/00/2000EC-FYNsub-lt Air Europa (Air Europe operates aircraft for Iberia in full Iberia c/s).
22/03/2002EC-FYNat Madrid; parked.
30/05/2002EC-FYNferried Madrid-Greensborough; for maintenance with Pemco Aviation Group.
06/06/2002EC-FYNret CIT Leasing Corporation.
06/06/2002N262CTrgd to CIT Leasing Corporation, New York, NY.
13/06/2002N262CTlt Avianca Colombia.
14/06/2002N262CTferried Greensborough-Bogota (TT: 15640 hours; 12505 cycles).
27/09/2002N262CTat Miami in white c/s with "Avianca Colombia" titles and Summa Alianza tail logo.
22/09/2003N262CTret CIT Leasing Corporation.
28/10/2003N262CTregistration cancelled.
13/11/20034K-AZ38lt AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines.
16/11/20034K-AZ38dep London/Stansted in all white c/s with "AHY" titles.
20/11/20034K-AZ38at Mexico City in all white c/s with "Azaerbaijan Airlines" titles on forward fuselage and "AHY" title on aft fuselage.
19/03/20044K-AZ38at Istanbul in all white c/s with "Azaerbaijan Airlines" titles on forward fuselage and "AHY" title on aft fuselage with tail logo (logo applied after 29/01/2004).
04/08/20114K-AZ38at Istanbul in full Azerbaijan Airlines c/s.
05/02/20124K-AZ38at St. Petersburg; named "Qobustan".
19/05/20144K-AZ38at St. Petersburg in 2013 Azerbaijan Airlines c/s (repainted after 12/02/2014).
14/09/20164K-AZ38ferried Moscow/DME-Baku/GYD as AHY8853 (arrived 15/09/2016); for storage.
Marcel van Noordenne

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