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Line number0616
Type256 F W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA16ADA
13/04/1994EC-610roll out.
25/06/1994EC-610at Renton in full Iberia c/s; stored.
20/07/1994EC-610first flight.
02/08/1994EC-610del Iberia; named "Cuba".
02/08/1994EC-610bt Nissho Iwai Corporation.; opb Iberia on lease.
28/10/1994EC-FYLIberia; re-rgd.
00/07/1999EC-FYLret Nissho Iwai Corporation.
25/07/1999EC-FYLbt Sunrock Air craft Corporation.
29/07/1999EC-FYLat Phoenix in full National Airlines c/s.
03/08/1999N508NArgd to First Security Bank.
03/08/1999N508NAlt National Airlines.
16/08/1999N508NAat Goodyear in full National Airlines c/s.
06/11/2002N508NANational Airlines ceased operations.
00/11/2002N508NAret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
08/11/2002N508NAferried Las Vegas-Marana; for storage.
27/01/2003N508NAat Marana in full National Airlines c/s; stored.
22/05/2003N508NAferried Marana-Keflavik.
23/05/2003N508NAregistration cancelled.
23/05/2003TC-FLDlt Fly Air.
29/05/2003TC-FLDferried Istanbul-Lasham in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles.
17/06/2003TC-FLDat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles.
08/07/2003TC-FLDat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles in English on right side and in Arabic on left side.
00/10/2003TC-FLDret Sunrock Aircraft Corporation.
00/10/2003TC-FLDarr Lasham in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles; for storage.
27/10/2003TC-FLDat Lasham in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles; stored.
04/11/2003TC-FLDat Lasham; stored.
02/01/2004TC-FLDat Lasham in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles on right side; stored.
26/02/2004N262SRSunrock Aircraft Corporation; re-rgd.
26/02/2004N262SRrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
03/03/2004N262SRferried Lasham-Southend in basic National Airlines c/s with "Sudan" titles; for repaint.
10/03/2004N262SRferried Southend-Lasham as SXA412 in all white c/s.
16/04/2004N262SRat Lasham in all white c/s with "Phuket Air" titles and tail logo; registration HS-KAK taped over.
30/04/2004N262SRregistration cancelled.
30/04/2004HS-KAKlt Phuket Airlines.
03/05/2004HS-KAKat Bangkok in all white c/s with "Phuket Air" titles and tail logo.
04/03/2005HS-KAKferried Sharjah-Bournemouth-Lasham as VAP8003; for maintenance prior to lease return.
07/03/2005N262SRrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
24/03/2005N262SRat Lasham inside hangar.
14/04/2005N262SRat Lasham in all white c/s; wearing registration TF-FIT.
15/04/2005N262SRregistration cancelled.
15/04/2005TF-FITrgd to SALG-2 B.V., Amsterdam.
15/04/2005TF-FITlt Icelandair.
15/04/2005TF-FITsub-lt Loftleidir Icelandic.
16/04/2005TF-FITferried Lasham-Keflavik as ICE8837.
20/04/2005TF-FITsub-lt Axis Airways.
21/04/2005TF-FITat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in all white c/s.
00/10/2005TF-FITret Loftleidir Icelandic.
21/01/2006TF-FITar St. Maarten in all white c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles and tail logo.
05/04/2007TF-FITat Amsterdam in all white c/s without titles (titles removed after 00/00/2007).
21/05/2007TF-FITsub-lt Flyglobespan; ferried Keflavik-Glasgow as GSM868P.
22/05/2007TF-FITin service: Glasgow-Sanford as GSM725 in full Flyglobespan c/s (repainted after 04/05/2007).
28/10/2007TF-FITlast service: Hamilton-Glasgow-Manchester (arrived 29/10/2007).
29/10/2007TF-FITret Icelandair.
01/11/2007TF-FITsub-lt Ghana International Airlines in all white c/s.
08/11/2007TF-FITret Icelandair; ferried London/Gatwick-Eindhoven; for repaint.
17/11/2007TF-FITferried Eindhoven-Keflavik in full Yakutia c/s.
00/12/2007TF-FITret lessor.
00/12/2007TF-FITarr Kelowna; for installation of blended winglets.
00/12/2007VP-BFGlt Yakutia.
16/02/2014VP-BFGret lessor; ferried Moscow/Vnukovo-Chateauroux.
19/03/2014VP-BFGferried Chateauroux-Keflavik as SYL9907 in full Icelandair c/s.
00/04/2014TF-FITlt Icelandair.
30/05/2014TF-FITin service: Keflavik-Copenhagen.
21/06/2014TF-FITat Paris/CDG; named "Helgafell".
25/03/2020TF-FITlast service: London/LHR-Keflavik/KEF as ICE451; parked/stored.
20/03/2021TF-FITferried Keflavik/KEF-Anchorage/ANC as ICE947.
00/04/2021TF-FITregistration cancelled.
07/04/2021N1902Srgd to TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc., North Salt Lake, UT.
13/04/2021N1902Sferried Anchorage/ANC-Seoul/ICN as JTN74 (arrived 14/04/2021).
16/04/2021N1902Sferried Seoul/ICN-Xiamen/XMN as JTN75; for conversion to freighter.
11/11/2021N1902Sferried Xiamen/XMN-Petropavlovsk/PKC-Spokane/GEG under registration; after conversion to freighter; for repaint.
00/12/2021N1902Sat Spokane/GEG in full Amerijet International c/s.
14/01/2022N1902Sferried Spokane/GEG-Miami/MIA under registration.
27/04/2022N1902Sentered service: Miami/MIA-San Juan/SJU as AJT8245.
02/11/2023N1902Slast service: San Juan/SJU-Miami/MIA as AJT884.
08/12/2023N1902Sferried Miami/MIA-Marana/MZJ as AJT99; for lease return and storage.
Marcel van Noordenne

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