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Line number0603
Type256 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S4CC2C5
Name"Hekla Aurora"
01/02/1994EC-609roll out.
06/03/1994EC-609at Renton in full Iberia c/s; named "Chile"; not wearing a registration.
08/04/1994EC-609first flight.
25/06/1994EC-609at Renton in full Iberia c/s; named "Chile".
29/07/1994EC-609del Iberia; named "Chile".
29/07/1994EC-609bt Itochu Aviation Inc.; opb Iberia on lease.
28/10/1994EC-FYKIberia; re-rgd.
00/05/2000EC-FYKret Itochu Aviation Inc.
00/05/2000EC-FYKlt Air Europa.
00/05/2000EC-FYKsub-lt Iberia.
31/10/2001EC-FYKret Air Europa.
01/11/2001EC-FYKat Madrid; parked.
10/01/2002EC-FYKat Madrid in all white without titles; stored.
00/08/2002EC-FYKlt Iberia.
00/10/2002EC-FYKopb Iberia in all white c/s with Iberia logo's; mainly on Madrid-Barcelona route.
11/11/2002EC-FYKat Manchester in all white c/s with "Iberia" titles and tail logo.
00/04/2003EC-FYKret Itochu Aviation Inc.
18/04/2003EC-FYKat Madrid in all white c/s.
01/05/2003EC-FYKferried Madrid-Manchester in all white c/s.
22/05/2003EC-FYKat Manchester in all white c/s; wearing registration PH-ITA; stored.
23/05/2003PH-ITArgd to Itochu Airlease BV.
11/08/2003PH-ITAat Manchester in all white c/s; stored.
02/01/2004PH-ITAat Manchester in all white c/s; stored.
20/03/2004PH-ITAferried Manchester-Keflavik; for C-check at ITS maintenance facility.
16/04/2004PH-ITAregistration cancelled.
16/04/2004TF-FIUbt Siglo FIU Ltd, (c/o Genesis Trust & Corp. Services).
16/04/2004TF-FIUlt Icelandair.
23/04/2004TF-FIUat Dublin in all white c/s without titles.
01/05/2004TF-FIUsub-lt Volare Airlines in all white c/s with "Volare" titles.
00/10/2004TF-FIUret Icelandair.
13/11/2004TF-FIUat Girona in all white c/s without titles.
08/01/2005TF-FIUat Geneva in full Icelandair c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles and tail logo.
02/03/2005TF-FIUrgd to Flugleidir hf, Reykjavik.
24/06/2005TF-FIUrgd to Siglo FIU Ltd., Grand Cayman.
05/11/2005TF-FIUat Malta in white fuselage c/s with "Icelandair" titles on right side, basic Icelandair tail c/s and "Starquest Expeditions" titles on left tail side.
30/12/2005TF-FIUat Frankfurt in basic Icelandair c/s (minus blue belly c/s); "Starquest Expeditions" titles removed.
07/05/2006TF-FIUat Frankfurt in full Icelandair c/s with blended winglets (installed after 25/02/2006).
14/07/2009TF-FIUat Amsterdam; named "Hekla".
17/11/2009TF-FIUarr Norwich as ICE6050; for repaint.
00/11/2009TF-FIUferried Norwich-Keflavik; after repaint.
17/11/2014TF-FIUferried Keflavik-Norwich as ICE6040; for repaint.
09/12/2014TF-FIUferried Norwich-Keflavik as ICE6041 in 'Northern Lights' c/s; named "Hekla Aurora".
Marcel van Noordenne

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