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Line number0572
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S342086
15/07/1993EC-422roll out.
05/08/1993EC-422first flight.
17/08/1993EC-422del Iberia; named "Argentina".
11/01/1994EC-FUBIberia; re-rgd.
30/04/1994EC-618bt Citicorp Leasing International; opb Iberia on lease.
21/07/1994EC-FXVIberia; re-rgd.
00/04/2003EC-FXVret to lessor.
06/04/2003EC-FXVferried Madrid-?-Chicago/O'Hare-Goodyear as IBE6269 (arrived 27/04/2003); for storage.
12/04/2003EC-FXVat Goodyear in all white c/s without titles and logo; stored.
06/09/2003EC-FXVat Goodyear in all white c/s without titles and logo; stored.
20/10/2003N26NDbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
22/10/2003N26NDrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City, UT.
25/11/2003N26NDferried Goodyear-Tucson-Gander-London/Stansted in all white c/s (arrived 26/11/2003).
26/11/2003N26NDregistration cancelled.
26/11/2003EC-ISYlt Privilege Style (operating under Hola Airlines AOC); ferried London/Stansted-Palma.
18/12/2003EC-ISYr/o at Madrid in full Privilege Style c/s with small "Privilege style" titles under cockpit windows and tail logo.
03/04/2004EC-ISYat Tenerife with "Iberojet" titles.
09/05/2004EC-ISYat Lisbon with "Mundovip" titles.
19/05/2004EC-ISYat Gothenburg with "Valencia C.F./Cavaltour" titles.
19/09/2004EC-ISYat Munster/Osnabruck without titles.
03/10/2004EC-ISYat Zurich with "Case-Seguro" titles.
26/03/2005EC-ISYat Madrid with "Iberojet" titles.
09/04/2005EC-ISYat Seville without titles.
01/07/2005EC-ISYat Madrid with "Costa Adeje - Tenerife Sud" titles (applied after 26/06/2005).
15/10/2005EC-ISYat Manchester without titles
12/02/2006EC-ISYat Toulouse with "FIAT" titles (applied after 15/01/2006).
13/03/2006EC-ISYat Seville with "Fun & Basic" titles (applied after 12/02/2006).
25/04/2006EC-ISYat Valladolid without "Fun & Basic" titles (removed after 25/03/2006).
08/06/2006EC-ISYat Dortmund with "Real Federacion Espanola de Futebol" titles (applied after 01/06/2006).
09/07/2006EC-ISYat Munich without "Real Federacion Espanola de Futebol" titles (removed after 25/06/2006).
19/09/2006EC-ISYat Krakow with "Sevilla Futbol Club, SAD" titles (applied after 26/08/2006).
08/10/2006EC-ISYat Dortmund with several "Fanta" titles (applied after 22/09/2006).
12/10/2006EC-ISYat Dortmund with "Real Madrid" titles (applied after 08/10/2006).
27/10/2006EC-ISYat Madrid with "Valencia C.F." titles (applied after 14/10/2006).
10/12/2006EC-ISYat Madrid with "Real Madrid" titles (applied after 00/12/2006).
01/05/2007EC-ISYat Berlin/Tegel with "CA Ososuna" titles (applied after 27/04/2007).
11/05/2007EC-ISYat Marseille without "CA Ososuna" titles (removed after 02/05/2007).
13/05/2007EC-ISYat Faro with 'Espanol Football Club' logo & "Viatges El Corte Ingles" titles.
23/05/2007EC-ISYat Krakow without 'Espanol Football Club' logo & "Viatges El Corte Ingles" titles (removed after 17/05/2007).
29/06/2007EC-ISYat Warsaw with pink 'Giga' sticker on both sides and green 'Bonita Trust' sticker on left side only (applied after 15/06/2007).
19/07/2007EC-ISYat Madeira without titles and stickers.
29/09/2007EC-ISYat Zurich with "Windows Server 2008" titles (applied after 18/09/2007).
06/10/2007EC-ISYat Madrid; still with "Windows Server 2008" titles.
00/11/2007EC-ISYat Madrid; undergoing maintenance and for repainting.
30/01/2008EC-ISYat Palma with "Thermo Aragon" titles (applied after 13/01/2008).
06/03/2008EC-ISYat Seville with "Getafe C.F." titles (applied after 03/02/2008).
06/04/2008EC-ISYat Budapest with "Lundbeck" titles (applied after 06/03/2008).
29/05/2008EC-ISYat Edinburgh with "Seleccion Espanola de Futbal" titles (applied after 10/05/2008).
23/07/2008EC-ISYat Stockholm/Arlanda without titles.
30/09/2008EC-ISYat Budapest with "Microsoft Dynamic" titles (applied after 20/09/2008).
05/10/2008EC-ISYat Barcelona without "Microsoft Dynamic" titles (removed after 03/10/2008).
21/10/2008EC-ISYat Nuremburg with "Begeisterung Erleben" titles and 'Renault' sticker (applied after 11/10/2008).
30/11/2008EC-ISYat St. Petersburg without "Begeisterung Erleben" titles and 'Renault' sticker (removed after 10/11/2008).
07/02/2009EC-ISYat Madrid with "Camara Almeria" titles (applied after 27/01/2009).
08/01/2010EC-ISYat Madrid with "PAL Principal Airlines" titles.
13/01/2010EC-ISYsub-lt PAL Principal Airlines; ferried Madrid-Natal-Santiago.
00/00/2010EC-ISYret Privilege Style (after 21/02/2010).
20/03/2010EC-ISYat Munich with "BIOSER una division de MBA" titles.
27/03/2010EC-ISYat Las Palmas without titles.
26/05/2010EC-ISYat Geneva with "Turismo Aragon" titles.
02/07/2010EC-ISYat Paris/Orly with "Banesto Espiritu Ganador" and "Turismo Aragon" titles.
13/07/2010EC-ISYat Paris/Orly with only "Turismo Aragon" titles.
25/11/2010EC-ISYsub-lt Safi Airways; ferried Madrid-Kabul.
23/12/2010EC-ISYret Privilege Style; ferried Frankfurt-Madrid.
29/12/2010EC-ISYsub-lt Safi Airways; ferried Madrid-Frankfurt.
10/01/2011EC-ISYret Privilege Style; ferried Frankfurt-Madrid.
02/02/2011EC-ISYat Seville with "Turismo Aragon" titles.
18/06/2011EC-ISYat Barcelona with "Allianz" titles.
27/08/2011EC-ISYat Barcelona with "Sevilla Futbol Club SAD" and "Andalucía" titles.
13/09/2011EC-ISYat Zagreb with "Real Madrid" titles.
30/09/2011EC-ISYsub-lt Comtel Air; ferried Madrid-Vienna as COE799.
01/10/2011EC-ISYin service: Birmingham-Vienna-Amritsar.
00/10/2011EC-ISYret Privilege Style (after initial flight).
02/11/2011EC-ISYat Salzburg with 'Atletic Club Bilbao' sticker.
24/11/2011EC-ISYat Barcelona with "FC Barcelona" titles.
14/02/2012EC-ISYat Madrid with "Atletico de Madrid" titles.
14/05/2012EC-ISYat Barcelona with "Turismo Aragon" titles; named "Cte. Jesus Guil".
15/06/2012EC-ISYat Faro with "Orange" titles (applied after 26/05/2012).
20/11/2012EC-ISYat Cluj with "SC Braga" titles.
05/07/2013EC-ISYsub-lt Jet2; ferried Madrid-Manchester as EXS61J (arrived 06/07/2013).
06/07/2013EC-ISYin service: Manchester-Faro as EXS875.
20/07/2013EC-ISYlast service: Alicante-Manchester as EXS880; ret Privilege Style; ferried Manchester-Copenhagen as PVG1P.
14/05/2014EC-ISYat Turin with "Sevilla Futbol Club SAD" titles.
01/07/2014EC-ISYsub-lt Jet2; ferried Madrid-Manchester as EXS61J.
02/07/2014EC-ISYin service: Manchester-Zakhintos as EXS977.
31/08/2014EC-ISYlast service: Kos-Manchester as EXS744; ret Privilege Style.
01/09/2014EC-ISYsub-lt Vueling; ferried Manchester-Barcelona as VLG901P; in serive: Barcelona-Malaga as VLG2115.
15/09/2014EC-ISYat Athens with "Atletico de Madrid" titles.
05/10/2014EC-ISYat Madrid with "Sevilla Futbol Clud SAD" titles.
00/11/2014EC-ISYat Arrecife with "Sevilla Futbol Clud SAD" titles.
08/03/2015EC-ISYat Lisbon with "First Stop" titles.
20/05/2015EC-ISYsub-lt Jet2; ferried Madrid-Manchester as EXS063J.
21/05/2015EC-ISYin service: Manchester-Lanzarote as EXS891.
24/05/2015EC-ISYat Manchester with "Jet2" titles.
09/09/2015EC-ISYlast service: Larnaca-Manchester as EXS944.
10/09/2015EC-ISYret Privilege Style; ferried Manchester-Madrid as PVG001P.
13/09/2015EC-ISYat Bremen without titles (Jet titles removed after 11/09/2015).
13/01/2016EC-ISYat Budapest with "Kia" titles.
23/02/2016EC-ISYferried Madrid-Tel Aviv as PVG997P.
00/02/2016EC-ISYsub-lt El Al.
17/04/2016EC-ISYat Malta with "Villarreal Club de Futbol" titles.
07/10/2016EC-ISYret Privilege Style; ferried Tel Aviv-Perpignan as ELY223.
17/11/2016EC-ISYat Salzburg with "Generali Seguros" titles.
09/01/2016EC-ISYat Edinburgh with large 'Termo Aragon' sticker on fuselage.
27/05/2017EC-ISYferried Madrid-Tel Aviv as PVG___; sub-lt El Al; in service: Tel Aviv-Rhodes as ELY5121.
09/12/2018EC-ISYat Barcelona with Christmas stickers.
26/01/2019EC-ISYat Porto/OPO with "BMcar" titles.
23/07/2019EC-ISYat Moscow/VKO with "Mapa Tours" titles.
30/11/2019EC-ISYat Palma/PMI with Christmas stickers on fuselage.
27/01/2021EC-ISYlast service: Islamabad/ISB-Athens/ATH as PVG7792.
29/01/2021EC-ISYferried Athens/ATH-Lleida/ILD as PVG793P; for lease return and storage.
12/09/2021EC-ISYat Lleida; engines, tail rudder and tires taped up in plastic; registration covered up; stored.
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