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Line number0561
Type256 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
ConfigurationF63 (executive)
27/05/1993EC-421roll out.
18/06/1993EC-421first flight.
18/08/1993EC-421del Iberia; named "Xacobeo 93".
10/01/1994EC-FTUIberia; re-rgd.
30/04/1994EC-616bt Citicorp Leasing International; opb Iberia on lease.
26/07/1994EC-FXUIberia; re-rgd.
17/12/1997EC-FXUbt Boeing Capital Corporation; opb Iberia on lease.
17/11/2000N286CDret & rgd to Boeing Capital Corporation.
29/12/2000N286CDbt MLW Aviation LLC.
05/02/2001N286CDrgd to MLW Aviation LLC, Dallas, TX.
11/05/2001N801DMopb Pace Airlines.
13/04/2004N801DMat Boeing Field in white and grey c/s with blue stripes, no titles and with "Dallas Mavericks" tail logo.
30/07/2006N801DMat Prestwick with blended winglets (installed after 26/06/2006).
18/09/2006N801DMat Newark in new c/s (white fuselage with a grey, blue and black stripe going horizontally along the fuselage into the tail; no longer with 'Dallas Mavericks' logo (repainted after 30/07/2006).
11/09/2009N801DMPace Airlines suspended operations; ret to MLW Aviation.
27/06/2022N801DMferried Dallas/DAL-Lake Charles/CWF under registration; for maintenance?
Marcel van Noordenne

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